Netflix basically provides you the access to large database of movies via DVD rentals and online watching. The following points will tell how Netflix actually works.

  • For mere amount of $8 per month, Netflix provides you with instant access to movies and Episodes which are streaming online direct to your computer or connection players
  • In order to receive DVD via mail, users are needed to register with as low as $9 a month.
  • To receive the mail rentals, New DVD is only provided after the return of previous one
  • Users can enjoy their DVD for as long as they want, there are not late submission charges
  • Shipping is charged for both ways

All these features seem like a dream come true. However, when you start to realize the truth, you start seeing Netflix`s Cons. For starters, you need an incredibly fast internet connection to use Netflix. When it comes to order by mail, delivery time is 3 days turnaround time. As this is not a cable service, the shows it offers are not completely new. Yes you are not watching what`s running on cable. You are only watching the recorded version. Even if this service acquired rights of a show, still the charges will be hefty.

Realizing these important facts, paying $10 for such service many not seem applicable. Therefore to help you out, we provide you a proven way for How to get a Netflix Free Trial. Read it carefully and enjoy!

How to get a Netflix Free Trial for a month

This service is generous enough to provide users first few weeks without charging a dime. Most times it works, however if you want to settle in for the long haul, things might not turn to be so great. So, make your mind for using this trick to extend your trial without paying a cent.

You can enjoy Netflix by extending your free trial for forever. Yes, now you don`t need to Google “How to get a Netflix Free Trial” anymore. Prepare a Prepaid Debit Card and follow these steps:

  • Create Fake email accounts
  • Sign up with Netflix using your prepaid card and one of your fake accounts

After registering your account, your card will be verified. However, it won`t be charge. So take advantage of it. After registering for your free trial. Spend every dime in your card. Enjoy for a whole month. However, when it comes close to your trials end. You need to cancel it. Do it before Netflix even tempts to charge.

If you successfully pull this off, you can use the same card with different account multiple times. When your card gets rejected after multiple uses. Try another card and repeat the same process. If you are running out of cards, you can get some financial information from carding websites.

If you want to watch movies and TV for free your entire life. This is the only way you can do it. it`s safe, sound and only a little less than legal. So grab your popcorn and adjust your couch!