In such a business saturated world, it’s important to build brand identity and keep top-of-mind positioning with your customers. Remaining memorable to them will ultimately result in more brand loyalty, and in turn, repeat transactions. As your business grows and becomes older, a good portion of your revenue growth may begin to rely on having loyal customers who return to you time and time again.

So, how do you do this when there is so much competition and saturation around you in the business world?

Community Involvement

Getting involved in your community is surefire tactic to build a positive brand presence, and create a sentimental relationship with your audience and customers. This can include sponsoring events, hosting workshops, or having some sort of social conscience.

If you’re sponsoring events, printing temporary tattoos with subtle branding is a great way to remain memorable and support the event. When it comes to workshops, invite your audience to your storefront or office space to educate them about something your company does well, and pass on your awesome knowledge! Lastly, be socially aware and build a campaign to have a positive impact on the Earth. For example, you could donate a percentage of proceeds from one product to a grassroots charity!

Bang-on Branding

Consistent and effective branding is also key for remaining memorable. If your identity is inconsistent and sloppy, how is anybody supposed to remember you? Some important facets to consider when solidifying your brand are uniform branded colours, consistent messaging across all platforms (including marketing, social media, and all digital media), as well as unvarying design when it comes to your product packaging.

If your branding looks the same across all of your platforms, it will make it that much easier for your customers to digest, and will ultimately ensure they remember you.

Stick Around!

Maintaining brand awareness is a huge part of being memorable with your customers. If you can continually remind them about your brand, it will be much harder for them to ever forget you. One great way to retain awareness is to make fun branded stickers. Vinyl stickers can end up anywhere and everywhere, and often stay “stuck” for many years.

Giving away fun stickers with purchases to your customers will allow them to stick them anywhere, and constantly be reminded of your amazing brand. Printing a funny pun or artistic design will get your customers excited about putting it on things like their laptop and phone. The sky’s the limit, it’s time to get creative!

Overall, there are a huge number of techniques you can use to remain memorable with your customers. It’s important that in all your efforts, you remain genuine and authentic. Passion and personality will always speak for itself!