Instagram from the social network, where people use to share news and photos of food, has turned into a huge blogging platform. The audience is accustomed to high-quality content, and the competition is extremely high: you compete with users from all over the world, because the language or geographical location does not prevent you from making beautiful photos. Many famous people like professional models, photographers, makeup artists and actors also actively use this social network.

Though the competition is very high, everyone has a chance to find their audience or sometimes even buy instagram followers to reach the needed number. Schoolgirls from small cities and large brands with interesting content has an opportunity to become popular on Instagram. Let’s figure out how to come up with a concept, take photos, write posts and keep a beautifully designed account.

So do you want your Instagram feed look perfect and please the eye of even the most picky subscriber? 

Step 1: Be conceptual

Choose a theme for your shots. The times when you could just make a beautiful shot have gone. Now the concept is even more important than execution. There are a couple of examples that represent how to become famous on Instagram through one main idea. Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) travels the country with his dog, who becomes the hero of all his photos. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) gained his followers with his worldwide famous  ‘Follow me’ photo project, where he takes pictures of his girlfriend holding his hand all around the world.

Step 2: Be critical

Choose your pictures carefully. Do not post everything you want. Think about what kind of pictures you would like to see if you were your follower. If you are targeting a wide range of subscribers, most of whom are unfamiliar to you, you’d better not post all along the portraits of your friends, unless you are a portrait photographer. Alternate plots: when you post photographs, it is advisable to alternate landscapes with subject pictures, portraits.

Step 3: Photo arrangement

Arrange photos, for example, in a checkerboard pattern. For example, photos alternate with quotes. Or contrasting pastel photos. Another simple and effective way to personalize your account is that each row can be devoted to one topic or section. You can group by color, style, or type of content.

Step 4: Time to post

As was said before – If you need thousands of subscribers, be sure to come up with an exciting topics that will match all or at least most of your posts. But the main sign of a good instagram like a qualitative blog is regular updates. But do not abuse it: uploading several photos one by one is bad taste and usually it annoys subscribers. The optimal frequency is one or two photos per day. It is believed that photos are best published in the afternoon and early evening, when most of the subscribers are active.

Step 5: Let everyone now

You have to remember that the quality of instagram is not determined by thousands of likes (thousands of likes are just an indicator of fame). Your first subscribers will be your friends and friends of your friends (so be sure to link your Instagram account to other social networks). If your pictures will be popular among them, they will be taken to the “search” recommendation screen, where users are offered those photos that they will surely like, based on what their friends like and even on what is popular right now nearby . Make beautiful and interesting materials, so to make readers always be happy to share it with each other. Experiment and do what you like, and people will catch up.

Step 6: Nickname

Choose the simplest nickname so that users can easily find you in the search. If you already have a page and the nickname seems to be too complicated – change it so that the main idea remains, but the word will be easier to understand.

Step 7: Profile description

Here you have 150 characters to maximize the interest of the potential subscriber. The description will strongly depend on the type of activity, but some general tips:

  • Write in the language your target audience uses. If there is a risk that half of the audience will not understand English phrases, it is better not
  • Indicate how to contact you: phone, instant messengers, mail
  • Add an offer. For example, offer a free gift or discount to new subscribers
  • Give links to a site or other accounts

Step 8: Post stories

“Stories” on Instagram are used by more than 250 million people. In the settings you can choose to whom to show publications, whether to allow subscribers to respond to the “Stories” and share them. Two more interesting options: automatic saving of publications to the device’s memory and cross-posts in the “History” of Facebook. Geolocation stickers help publications in Stories collect more views – they fall into the Interesting section of the corresponding city. Use publishing tools carefully – do not add effects and filters just because you can. “Stories” is more natural and “human” content format. You can make “Stories” through a wide range of mobile applications.

Step 9: Vary the content

Videos are also good. Not so long ago, Instagram made it possible to upload videos lasting up to a minute (previously there was a limit of 15 seconds). Instagram also has opened statistics on video views. In addition, videos are still rarely seen on Instagram, so if you bet on this format, it will be easier for you to stand out from other users.

Step 10: So, how to make my Instagram popular?

Gaining thousands of subscribers will take time, perseverance and talent. If you want to check how well you are doing, use one of the free tools that analyze instagram accounts: there you will find a wide variety of statistics – from which photos you enjoy the most, to which days and time to post. Do not hesitate to take many pictures at once – then you can choose the most successful picture, and delete the extra ones. And yes, don’t be lazy to wipe the lens (not with your finger). Instagress was a popular bot that was used to get more Instagram followers by many celebs. Click here to see some Instagress alternatives.