What is the most popular item among musicians you can buy? Do you know that the latest information from search engines has proven that the most popular search among people, qualified as musicians, is “buy Spotify plays“? Some people will say it is strange and odd, but I can prove that it is the reality we are living in. On Spotify, at least, you really need the promotion to get your career going. The promotion is the lifeblood of Spotify, and every musician knows that. Of course, some young musicians prefer to ignore that fact, but with time, they grow to it.

The world of music is a difficult and competitive space, especially on music streaming services, especially on Spotify, which has 300 million users worldwide. That’s a huge number, and every musician really wants to have a part of it for himself. And you, if you are a musician, also want that, don’t you? Of course, you do. But what are you doing to get them? Are you just uploading your music and waiting? Well, if you are doing that, then no wonder you are not popular yet.

As I said, it is not enough anymore to upload your music, you need to promote it, to guide the music to success. And the best way people have come up with is buying plays. This single perimeter, so small, but means a lot. By this parameter, algorithms see how popular the track can be, and determine their behavior. If this number is high, the algorithms will show the track to people, promote it internally, but if the number is small, the song will be hidden somewhere deep and dark. You want your music to be shown, right?

If you are not a musician, and you are reading this, there possibly will be no information that you really need. Maybe at least insights in the music industry will change your mind and perception of some musicians that have been proven to use promotion services. They don’t mean any wrong, they just want what’s rightfully theirs – success and fame. We know their music is good, we know the music you are creating is good, so why not promote it? It should be heard, it should be like, it should be loved and cherished. And all those people, saying that music promotion is bad, they are jealous, jealous that you have the music, talent, and ability to become popular, and the only thing standing in your way is the need for music promotion. And they know it, and they are afraid and jealous, don’t forget about it.

I am not trying to sell you any music promotion, but I am trying to change your perception of things, because the more musicians promote their music, the more happy people we see. Everyone wants to listen to great music, and sometimes you have to ask your musician to do something. That’s why I am asking you if you are a musician, to promote your music. Please, we all want to hear it!