The Problem

There are many ways you can market today, but one of the most effective is definitely going to be using the internet. The problem is that businesses often over-saturate the ‘net with marketing endeavors that are only minimally viable in a statistical sense. Popups and spam discourage purchases in most of the population, and hardly justify their existence.

Yet they do justify their existence enough to be continuously produced, and here is the agony of ‘net marketing. You’ve got to work against a system saturated with useless ads. The best way to get past this is to make your marketing efforts suffused with meaningful content that’s worthy of notation regardless of its underlying advertisement core.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a means by which meaningful content can be optimized such that it shows up at the top of SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. The ecstasy comes in the building of a continuously expanding informational resource existing clients and new clients can continually access.

The agony on this front comes from the time spent waiting for this content to yield profit. It will prove a worthy investment with high returns over time, but you must be patient. In order to fully understand the scope of an SEO campaign, consider some numbers.

If you work with an agency producing three to four posts a week, you’ll be at twelve to sixteen posts a month. That works out to between 144 and 192 individual posts. If those posts average 500 words, you’re looking at around 288 and 384 pages in “novel” format (which is typically somewhere around 250 words per page). Basically, within a year you’ll have a reference book of information.

Parleying this information in the form of a blog is a passive way of actively engaging potential and existing clientele. The best way to do this is through provision of useful information. Content that can be shared and re-shared naturally will be.

Tips On Creating Shareable Content

According to Brown Box Branding you can create your own social empire by “…building a solid client base across multiple social channels.” Doing this involves determining what demographics are looking for, interested in, and likely to share.

If you have a business that specializes in lawn-care, you want the article to be full of keywords which people who need such services are going to look for. You want there to be links back to your primary site. Additionally, you want to break paragraphs up into small and digestible chunks around sixty to a hundred words. You’ll want to put some pictures or videos in the mix as well.

They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, a video at thirty-two frames a second can, by that logic, say 32,000 words in 1/60th of a minute. Additionally, humor and sex sell. So if you can include funny videos and/or pictures throughout your blog posts, you’re equally likely to attract clientele.

Getting Past Obstacles

The biggest difficulty in most content-production endeavors has to do with the patience you must bring to the table when it comes to developing an audience that will grow based on its own momentum. If you want to get this done right, it’s oftentimes best to work through a content production agency.

A content agency who regularly produces sharable information via video, text, social media campaign, and other tactics will have already “blazed a trail”, as it were, and can save you time and aggravation by refraining from practices that don’t work. The internet can truly be a means of promoting business which yields ecstasy, but uninformed forays into online marketing may be agonizing.