Ecommerce is on the rise. The number of people using internet to do their shopping is growing. This trend provides you with a great business opportunity – launching your online store.

Many people believe that the development of an ecommerce website is a highly complex matter. It can be if you are starting from scratch and you lack experience in the sector. Fortunately, some solutions have been developed to assist you in getting your website live and running in a matter of hours.

One of the best ecommerce software solutions that the market has to offer currently is called Izzonet. Izzonet offers some exclusive characteristics that other online shopping platforms are missing. The following information will give you all of the Izzonet information that you need: the basics, the main features, the benefits and the useful facts.

Izzonet Overview

Izzonet is equally suitable for beginners in the ecommerce niche and for people that have some prior experience and know exactly what they want. This is possible through the availability of different plans, each one offering a specific range of features and tools for the creation of the perfect web store.

Many ecommerce solutions are either too complex or way too simplistic, which means that they target a specific audience. Izzonet has achieved the perfect balance. You can use the trial version that the company offers in order to test and find out which package is the right one for you.

Izzonet’s features can be divided into several basic groups. These include:

  • Design and store set up features
  • Product upload and inventory management features
  • Website promotion
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile Integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Security of sensitive data
  • Customer support
  • Ecommerce hosting solutions

This ecommerce platform offers them all. What is even more important, Izzonet has allowed for both effort-free editing from the administrative panel and for work with the website’s files. The second option is available for all the online store owners that are striving to achieve uniqueness. These individuals are free to adjust the design templates, the widgets or the hierarchy of information.

Ease of Setting Up a Store

Setting up an online store through the Izzonet platform is both easy and fun. All that you have to do is fill out a form, choose the store name, the access information and the password. Next, you will be taken to the content management system, where you can change every element appearing on your website.

The content management system may appear a bit confusing, especially if this is somebody’s first encounter with an administrative panel. There is nothing to worry about. To start selling online, you can rely on the Izzonet video guide and the six-step wizard that will take you through all the essentials.

The free signup will give you access to all of the features. If you are looking for something relatively simple, you should simply choose the basic plan.

First and most obvious, you need to select the design for your website. Izzonet adds new free templates on a regular basis. All of these come with fresh color selection, beautiful visuals and professional appearance. As already mentioned, once you choose a template, you can modify it further by accessing the work files.

Products: Uploading Information and Inventory Management

The manner in which products are handled is even more important than the design of the online store.

The Izzonet content management system provides all the essential information fields for a comprehensive product description. You can include information about the brand, the condition of the item, its category, size, availability, price, color and shipping information. You can also decide on making the product available in your Facebook store or listing it among the best sellers.

One great characteristic of the Izzonet platform allows you to sell digital products. Upon the completion of the transaction, the client will simply get to download the product.

Izzonet’s administrative panel will also let you enter unique information in the custom fields. Finally, you will have to enter some search engine optimization information like relevant keywords and a unique description.

When you upload the image, your product will be ready to appear on the website. Next, you can use all of the information that you submitted to track progress and see how the specific item is performing in terms of sales.

The product management menu gives access to information about the cost of each item, the revenue generated since the start of the campaign and the quantity currently available. All of this information will get updated automatically and it will be available through the specialized Izzonet reports.

Marketing, SEO and Social Networks

Everybody who is serious about selling online and launching a web-based business knows how important marketing is for the success of the project.

Izzonet gives several promotion opportunities. The easiest way to lure customers into giving you a try involves coupon distribution.

In order to generate traffic, you can begin selling on 15 price comparison websites. Many people use such platforms to see what the market has to offer and how the prices at different websites are different. Izzonet gives you access to such platforms, including eBay and Amazon.

Several other very important marketing features that are available currently or that will be added to the platform soon include landing page generator, SMS marketing, a YouTube movie maker, pay per click (PPC) campaigning, newsletter creation and management, submission of information to online directories, distribution of entries to blogging websites, press release submissions and live chat support for your customers.

In terms of search engine optimization, Izzonet is offering some great features, as well. You will get a SEO analytics review, mobile integration that is of tremendous importance for good search engine positioning, Google Analytics integration and SEO specialist services that will be available soon.

Finally, Izzonet has accepted the challenge of offering reliable and highly functional social media integration. The administrative panel enables the easy creation of a Facebook store that will take you to the realm of fcommerce – one of the hottest and fastest growing trends. Each entry on your website will also feature a button for easy social network sharing.

Shopping Cart and Store Front Characteristics

The content management system is the heart and the soul of an ecommerce website. The storefront, however, is the part of the project that customers see and experience. Here is what Izzonet has to offer in terms of customer experience.

Product comparison enables the potential customer to examine the characteristics of different items in an attempt to decide which one is best. You can define the elements that will be comparable.

Customers are also given an opportunity to write their own product reviews. This characteristic can be very practical in terms of marketing and it will also provide some valuable feedback.

Izzonet has also enabled integration with some of the most reputable and popular payment systems. Your clients will get financial flexibility that they are certain to appreciate. Other fun and practical store front characteristics include a tax calculation system, gift wrapping and ecards, different currency options and a serial number.

Finally, it is important to examine the shopping cart security. This is the one element that all of your customers would want taken to perfection. Izzonet offers an anti-fraud system, as well as the security certificates needed to ensure the privacy of sensitive personal information and financial data.

Plans, Tutorials and Customer Support

Izzonet offers a full 15-day trial version that will give access to all of the characteristics. Once you have managed to explore all of the options, you will get to choose the plan that is most suitable for your needs.

You can pick among five plans. The most inexpensive one starts at 19.97 dollars per month. It is perfect for the creation of a basic, yet highly functional web store. If you are looking for the complete package, you should get the Izz’R’Best plan that is worth 299.97 dollars per month.

Izzonet has also developed a reliable and very useful tutorial and guidance section on its website. You can choose among different tutorials, detailed FAQ information and the tips shared by the Izzonet ecommerce experts.

The customer support is highly reliable and very professional, as well. If you are having difficulties discovering information in the Izzonet guides, you can contact support via live chat, e-mail or telephone.

Conclusion: Is Izzonet What You Need?

Izzonet is a true market leader and a pioneer in the niche. The fact that the company is constantly working on updates signifies that the ecommerce platform will always offer a contemporary and reliable opportunity.

Izzonet offers tremendous flexibility because website owners can start with simple, straightforward projects and move on to having a complicated and multi-leveled ecommerce portal.

This hosted ecommerce solution brags numerous benefits. Some of the most important advantages to be pointed out include:

  • A large collection of free, professionally developed templates
  • Intuitive and easy to use content management system
  • Comprehensive product upload section
  • Performance reports and ease of inventory management
  • Search engine optimization features
  • Marketing features and social network integration
  • Safe and reliable shopping cart
  • Multiple languages, multiple currencies
  • Guaranteed safety of financial transactions
  • Reliable customer support
  • Extensive knowledge section containing guides and useful tips
  • Reliable hosting

Our rating is 9/10 because Izzonet can be slightly confusing for a beginner and it may appear to be a bit overwhelming in the very beginning. This is the only shortcoming that should be mentioned. Izzonet does deliver in every possible way, which ultimately turns it into the ecommerce platform of choice for many.