While we tend to focus on the academic aspects of college, we often forget the important life skills that every young adult requires. Here are some life skills every student should have before starting college or living independently.


Problem-solving skills, while more abstract and less concrete than the other skills, can still be very important.

Young people must learn to confront problems head-on and to find solutions for themselves without anyone else. As for homework, we all know how it is hard can be to combine daily life and studying. So, it is normal to use some sources with college homework help or other subjects to make students’ life easier.

Your teen should learn how to evaluate the options and select the best one for them.

How to Change a Tire

Everyone should be able to change a tire. You can quickly and efficiently deal with an inconvenience caused by a flat tire. Every student in college should be able to pull their car into a safe location and then secure it.

They should then turn on their hazard light, remove their lug nuts and lift the vehicle with a jack. Then, begin the actual tire changing process.

Before a teenager can live independently, they should have some knowledge about driving and road safety. They need to know how to purchase a car, insurance, register a vehicle, and what documents are required to maintain an auto-related file.

Young people need to learn how to change their oil and pump gas. They must also be able to know when it is time to take their vehicle in for servicing.


Unfortunately, schools don’t teach budgeting or money management skills. Parents must help their children here. No matter how much money you have, good money management is vital. Teens can also learn financial discipline early in their lives and use them for the rest of their lives.

Teens and college students can use budgeting skills to be aware of where their money is going and its value. You can work with your teenager to find the budgeting app that is right for them.

A college student also needs to have the ability to manage money. These skills include how to apply for and manage a credit card, open a bank account and set aside money for emergency situations. Students in college need to know how to keep basic financial records.

Food and Nutrition

Students in college won’t have many opportunities to cook, at least not during their freshman year. However, they should still be able to cook and eat basic nutrition.

Young people need to be able to shop for groceries, keep a budget, cook a basic meals, and store their food correctly. Students in college need to learn how to eat healthy, even if they are eating at a cafeteria.


Everyone should be able to maintain a clean and tidy home before they go off to college. These home management skills will be useful throughout their lives.

Regular garbage removal should be done. Dusting and vacuuming should also be done several times per week. Bathrooms and toilets should also be cleaned.

Another important skill is laundry skills. Some college students may be responsible for their laundry for the first time. They need to learn how to do it.

Other skills include paying bills and managing utilities.

Personal Healthcare

Your teen might have access to healthcare services via an on-campus provider. They should be able to plan appointments and know what to do in an emergency.

Discuss your student’s health insurance coverage. Also, consider what they might have to pay out-of-pocket. No matter your age or current situation, it is important to have basic first aid skills.


A college experience is often the first time a young person experiences being independent. There are many things to do and no one is going to be there to help them.

Teens must learn how to be safe while driving alone and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. For other situations with the home tasks, you can check FastEssay.com Review. Encourage them to tell someone about their plans and whereabouts.