Keywords are still important, but they have lost their  importance quite significantly. Gone are the days when you had to worry only about keywords for top rankings on Google. Incorporating the keywords appropriately was enough, even a few years ago, to get great audience. But, no more! Spamming (with keywords) is no more admissible. Now, it might even lead to penalties.

Link building is still a crucial part to building good viewership, by elevating the website on search engines. Without quality backlinks, it can be a tedious, and, sometimes, impossible task to improve ranking. If you are looking for enhanced ranking, then you will definitely need top-notch link building strategies to help you and your website.

What are the top methods of building links for the current year?

Backlinks might seem like one of the many factors leading to a better audience, keeping both quantity and quality in mind. The fact is that it is not just one of them, but one of the most important ones. Google algorithm keeps changing, but link-building continues to be the best form of measure. Website health is dictated by links, still today!

While this remains to be the truth, but another important factor is the fact that quality is gaining priority over quantity. For this very reason, link building will need much more time, effort, and deliberation over the strategies for link building. Here are some active and well thought of link building methods that are relevant in 2018:

  1.  Data & Research Can be Useful tools: Original data and research are perhaps significant examples of the most efficient link building techniques. In the present digital landscape, holding authority over the original research can help earn backlinks. This enables the prospective clients, the people accessing the blog articles and posts, to get to know about you and your brand. Here is the way you can use the data and research for link building:
  • Find a topic which would be valuable for your targeted audience.
  • Independent research is crucial, followed by compilation of the findings.
  • Let your audience know about your research, so publish it.
  • Complimentary blog posts, videos and various types of content need to be created with your data and research.
  • Finally, you need to promote your findings. Just make sure, you have gained an understanding of what your audience wants, otherwise you would have issues finding the right topics to share.
  1. Videos Offer an Innovative Solution: Experts feel that when they have videos on their website, they have gained a lot of success. Sharing these over social media have worked wonders. One of the leading SEO consultants of Sydney, Seo North Sydney, say that link building is much easier with videos. This is what has made videos an essential part of link building resulting in higher success rate. Here is a process of using videos to create your backlinks:
  • Create videos and do what you would do with your content, share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to name a few.
  • Try to reclaim some of the links that YouTube earned out of your content. How do you do it?
  • With the help of YouTube Analytics, take a look at traffic sources. Find sites that embedded your video and you could request them to include a link to your website, if they have not done it as yet.
  • Backlink checking software can be helpful in finding websites that have linked your video. Then repeat the request to include link to your website or company.
  1.  Promotion of All Your Resources: People will always want to link up to a resource that interests them. Building a page that is unique and attention-grabbing has already ensured that you can build good links. What good are such resources, if people do not know about it? You will need to promote your list of resources properly. Here are some assets that can be promoted for link building:
  • Events that are hosted by your brand.
  • Logos that are associated with your brand.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts that your brand offers.
  • All forms of content including e-books and videos to name some.
  1. Content Needs to be Shared on Social Media Platform: If your audience does not know about your content, then how do you expect a larger target audience to know about your brand?! Content being shared on social media is known to be one of the most popular forms of link building. Adding links to your social media profiles earns you better audience and visibility. Various link building methods might seem useful to different companies, but social media content sharing has proved to be resilient! Here is how you can use the method of content sharing on social media to build links:
  • Start by concentrating on platforms that can help you earn brand mentions. These are the social listening tools that help you find your audience.


  • Keep an eye on the shares, comments and likes. This will help you gain an understanding what was liked and what was not. So, you can create future content on similar lines for better engagement.


  • Make sure that your content is of high quality and meets the interest of your audience.


  • With proper homework, you have created amazing content, right? Do not keep it boxed up, let it roll. Publish the content to promote your brand.


  • Remarketing your content is key to attracting higher number of interested parties. With regular shares and re-tweets, you will be able to gain the attention of people who missed your content. All of the points aim at creating awareness, which is essential to link building.
  1.  Interviews Specific to Industries: High quality interviews are sure to garner interest of potential clients. If you provide such high-class interviews specific to your industry, then you need not worry. The clients will share it for you, and help you create the links. Two elements basically can help you get mind-blowing interviews, asking the right questions to the right people. Do this, and you are sure to win great audience. This is how you create interviews that are worthy of building links:
  • Find topics that would interest your audience. This will help create interviews that are engaging and interesting, making them worth sharing.
  • Satiate the readers interest with the right questions. So, you will need to list down the questions that you want to ask in the interview. This will fulfil the interest and generate good links.
  • Even if you do write down your questions, do not make the interview seem scripted. Make sure that the interview stays on-topic and be ready to ask some impromptu questions, if a new more interesting aspect is building up.
  • Do not keep your amazing interviews under lock and key. Ensure that they are published.
  • This point keeps popping up, but its significance pardons repetition — share and remarket! When you keep doing so, you are setting the path to build great amount of links.

When you set out on building links for your brand, you will have to think about what strategies will work and which ones will not! This can be a difficult task, because not all businesses are the same. Just make sure that the link building strategies need to be centred around research, content and marketing. These set your website and business in the right direction to engage in effective link building!