Speaking about the most vital lab report structure elements, here is the list of typical components to take into account:

  • methods and materials;
  • experimental procedure;
  • results;
  • discussion;
  • conclusions;
  • further reading.

It is significant to specify that the section of methods and materials can be presented in the form of a list. However, it needs to be complete and accurate. Experimental procedure is an important aspect of the lab report structure. It helps to describe the process in chronological order. What you are supposed to do in this paragraph is to dwell upon each of the steps you have taken in the order they actually happened. In terms of results, you are merely required to present your figures, calculations and tables so that to demonstrate what you have achieved in the process of writing this lab report.

Discussion is the most significant part of the lab report structure

At this stage, your task is to prove that you understand what the experiment you have conducted is all about. In other words, the main steps in terms of discussion is to explain what your findings are, analyze them and provide your detailed interpretation.

To specify, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What do these results indicate?
  • What is their significance?
  • Are there any ambiguities?
  • What are some experimental errors?
  • Was it possible to avoid them?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your experimental design?

In your concluding paragraph, state what findings are 100% accurate and what you know for sure. The conclusion can also be shortest part in the whole lab report structure. In regards to the last paragraph, dwell upon materials which you recommend for further reading or for better understanding of the results you have come up with in your lab report.

Taking everything into consideration, a lab report traditionally consists of tons of different elements, and each of its core structure parts should be dwelt upon in the paper. In order to complete this task properly, one needs to know which aspects should be taken into consideration before one gets down to the process of writing a lab report. The main elements in regards to the structure of lab report are methods and materials used, the description of the experimental procedure, results, discussion of the findings you have come up with, conclusions, as well as further reading. Make sure you have analyzed each of these aspects in your lab report in detail.