At some point, software projects tend to fail. As a matter of fact, there has been reports from Standing Group, stating that there are about 80% of the projects turn out to be failure due to some reasons like late, over-budget, there has been functions missing or combinations. Apart from those, 30% of those software projects are executed that they are being canceled prior to completion. What’s more, software projects that are using technologies just J2EE, Java, XML and other web services are not exceptions to such rule. On the other hand, here’s a summary of the best practices for projects regarding software development.

  1. Development procedure – it is always essential to choose the right procedure of development lifecycle. This is for the reason that other activities are being derived from the whole process. For projects being done today, spiral-based technology is being used over the waterfall process. Other choices include the RUP, IBM and the eXtreme Programming.
  2. Requirements – it is always important to get and agree on the requirements, as it makes a project successful. This doesn’t always imply that the entire requirement has to be fixed prior to any design, coding and architecture done. However, it is highly important for the team to comprehend what has to be built.
  3. Architecture – you have to choose the right architecture for the application you have, as it is the key. Most of the times, IBM is asked to review a project in trouble and they have found that the team responsible for the development did not apply to the best practices of a well-known architecture industry.
  4. Design – there will always be a time that a bad design might happen. A whole lot of applications are overly-designed or that the design is not up to everyone’s standards. Keeping everything simple and showing off the information is highly essential. For other projects, it is always essential to perform the design and analysis of the object using the UML.
  5. WebSphere Application Design – the IBM has its extensive knowledge regarding the best practices as well as design patterns for the product family of WebSphere. Every project is somewhat different and they do have consultants that are willing to assist. There would always be a big return on the investment, even if you are only using the consultants for a very short time for the reason that you have saved the costs in the project.
  6. Code Construction – code construction is the fraction of the total project effort, yet it is the most visible effort. Other work is essential and it includes the architecture, analysis, requirements, design, as well as the test. In projects without the process of development, also known as the code and fix, such tasks happen, yet under the semblance of programming.
  7. Reviews of peers – it is always essential to review the work of others. Experience showed that problems could be prevented earlier in this regards. Moreover, reviews are far more effective than testing. Everything has to be reviewed to make things work and ensure that things are all right.
  8. Testing – whenever the schedule is getting tighter and tighter, testing is not always a cutback or an afterthought. It is actually an important part of developing software and has to be planned well. It is even essential proactively do testing, which mean that the tests are planed prior to the start of coding.
  9. Testing the performance – usually, testing is the last resort. It is very much intensive in terms of the labor and catches the defects of coding. The defects in both design and architecture could be missed. One method to catch some of these defects is by stimulating the load testing ypon the application prior it has been deployed. So, they could deal with the issues in the performance prior it become a problem.
  10. Management of configuration – it involves knowing the artifacts’ state, which makes your project or the system itself. Managing those and releasing the discrete versions of the system is always important. There would always be more to the management of configuration, rather that the source of the control systems, itself. There are a lot of better patterns and practices for managing the configuration.

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