Where are you right now? No, not the location, but in your life. College? School? Work? Well, let’s specify it even more: where are you right now in your creative life? Are you on the top? Or closer to the bottom? Or in a creative pit of despair? There is a moment in the creative life of every Spotify musician, when he/she starts questioning his/her place on the platform. And most of the time this questioning starts from looking at the numbers. Numbers, numbers, numbers. And numbers do no goo for your mental health.

To get through this despair, you have to lighten your shoulders, free them from the weight of those numbers, and concentrate on your music and how you feel about it. Leave worrying about numbers to the people who do Spotify promotion for artist.

It is important for you not to drop creating music. Many talented musicians just like you, stop creating as soon as they meet some resistance or face some troubles. You can’t allow yourself to stop, not in this life! Your music is great, and it inspires people. And you like the creation process, you get joy out of it. Just ignore the numbers. Focus on your music, the emotions you want to waken up in people. But if you want to know what will happen to your numbers, here’s the part for you.

Your account as well as your music has some parameters that are important for Spotify. By looking at those numbers, the system selects the growing creators, and tries to help them by internal promotion. The system recommend it to users, pace in various top-charts, on the radio, etc. And the one thing that you can’t do as well as you want is to increase those numbers. Maybe the moon is not in the right position in the sky, or for all the listeners it was a bad week, and your tracks are not something they are looking for. No idea why it happens, but it is better for you to put your promotion in the hands of professionals, and the results will be great. Thousands of plays in a few days, hundreds of followers in a matter of hours, and it is not even the limit. The possibilities are limitless, and you should use them to the max!

Such services promote music by placing it into various playlists, music-related magazines and social media. So many options out there, and all of them will be used to make you popular. You can rest assured, that your future is in competent hands. Just do what you do well, just create music. And even at the start your numbers will be from the promotion, in the end you will have 100% of audience gathered by your music and its quality. So, chill, write some beats, and prepare yourself for fame.