Stockfresh is a premier microstock agency that was launched in the year 2010 and boasts of having a high resolution stock photos collection of more than a two million that will be ideal for the needs of the clients. This robust community is constantly growing by adding up thousands of fresh high quality images everyday to meet up with the needs of the clients. It was launched by the endeavors of Andras Pfaff and Peter Hamza who have prolonged experience in the field of photography as they were the creators of the extremely popular and high traffic microstock sites like stock.xchng and Stockxpert.


User Friendly Interface

Simplistic web design with easily navigable interface, this was the chief aim of Stockfresh’s entrepreneurs while designing this website so that the visitors will have the best experience while navigating through the website. The noise free and clean website would help the designers to focus on their search while browsing through the different pages of the website.

Methodically Organized

To aid the users, the images of the website are cataloged into different categories like education, beauty, animals, nature, vector designs and various other sections. By selecting the right category the users are not going to get lost in the midst of the millions of images present in this website and thereby save up a lot of valuable time. Moreover, the visitors are also going to come across popular categories link in the website from where they can directly browse through the frequently used categories. The clients also have the option of choosing from the most popular images that are being used by the visitors directly from the most popular images section of the website. These web pages were introduced in the website with the aim of giving the clients a much better and optimized experience while browsing through this website.

Houses the Best Professional Photographers Delivering Quality Work

StockFresh community boasts of housing the best professional photographers who are persistently contributing to the growth of this community by delivering quality work. All the images that are being submitted by the dedicated photographers are tested for their quality before making it available to the clients. So the prospective clients can rest assured that they are not going to browse through irrelevant images before finding the right one.

Affordable Price

You can buy images from Stockfresh with as paltry amount as 20 cents and thereafter it moves upward. Therefore no matter how big or small the publishing house is we have something in store for each and every client in accordance with their budget. However, regardless of the price of the photos present in Photofresh there is going to be no difference in the quality of the photos that are present in this community.

Stockfresh comes with a lot of flexible and cheap subscription options. The lowest subscription amount is as low as 80 cents and some credit points are also being awarded to the subscribers. This marketing technique has definitely contributed to the increasing popularity of StockFresh since its inception. If you are new to the world of microstock, then Stockfresh will definitely be the best choice for you as it will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the work flow in the microstock agencies.