In statistics, multivariate testing is an important inclusion in regards to Internet marketing. It can be used for direct email marketing, website promotions and social media marketing. There are a plethora of Internet marketing strategies to test.

This is similar to A/B testing that is performed on a website prior to its launch. What happens is that multiple tests are run simultaneously. The results determine the functionality and effectiveness of the marketing technique used.

Testing Market Perceptions

Running a multivariate test on a marketing campaign allows businesses to target more than one group of consumers. The results received show what consumers are more open to. By this, the goal is to gauge your readership and unique visitors.

Considering that there are dozens of marketing strategies used online, test them all. There is no harm here. As long as a different group of consumers is approached each time, you have no worries. Ensure that the same promotion is used, just change the delivery.

Trial and Error of Marketing Campaigns

Rather than going through a trial and error process, spending hundreds on email marketing campaigns, use the multivariate option. Multiple pitches are sent out at one time. Statistical information can be returned for each campaign.

These tactics help you to see what tactics actually entice consumers to buy rather than ignore. Appealing to new customers is difficult. Sometimes it is impossible to know what tactic is going to work.

For these reasons, multivariate options are ideal. For instance, someone that is a tech guru likes statistics and facts. Someone that works in an artistic industry is going to like graphics. Combine both into one advertisement.

Appealing to a variety of consumer groups at one time saves time and advertising costs. Regardless of the outcome, you are still gaining new clientele. This boosts revenues and makes them more inclined to share your website via social media.

Maintaining Statistical Factoids

Statistical factoids are important for the success of a business. Statistics and analytics should be run on a daily basis. This will show what days of the week or times of the day that your marketing tactics are the most effective.

Being able to effectively market to the right groups while providing the right techniques is essential. If more sales come from evening campaigns, strictly market in the evenings. Consumers generally respond more to advertisements sent in the evening and on weekends.

During the week, consumers are far too busy with family and work life. Early morning advertisements or campaigns are likely to be an annoyance. Mornings and midday campaigns are found to be an annoyance.

Proper Optimization

The proper optimization of Internet marketing techniques will increase views and interest. It also entices consumers to purchase and share the website. The only way to properly optimize a marketing campaign is with the right language and delivery.

Of course, this also includes using the right word play techniques. The words that the consumer reads have to “instruct” them to go to the website and make a purchase. Proper SEO techniques in combination with word play accomplishes this.

SEO Ideas:

  • Avoid connecting words for easier searches
  • Customize links to direct users back to your website
  • Offer social media share buttons
  • Use keywords in promotional sentence structures

Implementing the right techniques for SEO optimization and increased revenues ensures that the multivariate test processes are a success. As mentioned above, every consumer thinks differently. Each one of them is attracted to something different.

Take these items into consideration to make your campaign as effective as possible. Testing multiple marketing techniques at once is time saving and cost effective. It also teaches you more about the consumers visiting your specific website.