In this era where content consumption is increasing day by day, creators need to innovate and find new ways to grab the attention of the viewer. As a creator, it’s easy to get worn out of ideas and creativity every once in a while. TikTok creators are expected to keep uploading videos to make sure the audience won’t miss out on the latest trends by their creator. The best part about being a TikTok creator is that there’s no limit to where you can create your videos. Even on holidays, there are numerous ways that you could create videos to entertain your audience.

In this article, we will discuss a few TikTok video ideas that you could implement for the holidays. 

Party decor hacks

Since the holiday season is about to take over TikTok as well, it only makes sense to create TikTok videos around the buzz created by the season. The season also witnesses people throwing parties, they look up videos that can help them decorate and prepare for a party easily. You can grab this opportunity by creating TikTok videos that provide value to the audience by providing party decor hacks. When you provide value to the audience, your TikTok video is watched more than once by the audience due to its repeat value. The algorithm ranks up your video as useful to the audience and showcases it to more people. It increases the chances of your video trending on the platform. The hacks you provide must be unique and catchy. You can add cool transitions and effects using a quality video editor to stand apart.

Party decor hacks must be created in a way that makes the decorator’s job easier while saving a lot of time for other errands. These videos should practically feature step-by-step tutorials that are easy to follow for the viewer. You can add texts and music to support the visuals and uplift your video. 

Tips on packing/wrapping gifts

As mentioned earlier, tips and hacks are going to be the most sort after videos for the holidays. Another brilliant idea would be to create videos that revolve around packing or wrapping gifts. The party-goers or hosts both benefit from the video as gifts are exchanged quite often during the holidays. Not everyone is good at wrapping gifts and usually rely on videos like yours to help them be a master and impress their close ones. The video can show multiple styles of wrapping gifts of different shapes and sizes. You can also explore ideas to personalize gifts for loved ones. You must add tips to highlight tiny details that can make the receiver happy. 

The best part about videos like this is that sometimes you can get away with creating a timelapse or a video montage as it’s enough to understand how you wrap gifts. You can add smooth transitions between the steps to enhance the viewing experience for the audience. You can experiment with unique ways of wrapping gifts to make your video stand apart from others. 

Quick and easy drink or food recipes

What’s a party without food and drinks? After decorating and wrapping gifts all that’s left is the main attraction of the holidays. Good food in the great company of friends and family. Sometimes one might not get enough time to prepare food and when there are only a few hours left to the party people tend to look for quick and easy food recipes. TikTok already has a well-established community of food vloggers or content creators that revolve around featuring lip-smacking food. However, it takes effort to create quick recipes that make the viewer’s task effortless. This effort will be rewarded when you create TikTok videos for the holidays that feature your easy recipes.

All you need to do is create videos that feature step by step process of creating preferred holiday party dishes. You can take top angle shots on the kitchen slab and cut between the steps and stitch them together to create a complete TikTok video. You must put a list of ingredients on the first slide so that the viewer is prepared. Try creating recipes with ingredients that are easily available. Since it’s for the holiday season you can add music that resonates with the season’s vibe. At every step, you must add supporting texts that get along with the activity in the recipe. This makes it easier to understand what’s happening while cooking. 

Gift ideas/suggestions

The most confusing aspect of the holiday season is to think of gift ideas. As a TikTok Creator, it’s an opportunity for you to suggest unique gift ideas to your audience. Gifts are something that always needs a personal touch so make sure when you create a TikTok video for suggesting gift ideas, you must leave room for customizations. Gifting is part of diverse culture and it’s this diversity that you need to tap on. Different kinds of relationships have a variety of equations that help the audience decide their choice of gifts. When it comes to gifts you can choose a variety of items from small useful things that help the other on a day-to-day basis such as a utility tool to an overwhelming personalized t-shirt. Once you do your research, shortlist and categorize the gifts. You can create one video for all types of people, relations, and personalities. This gives you the chance to explore and target multiple audiences. You can easily make this video without having to showcase the gifts. You can choose to support your video by adding images and texts with peppy music to keep the users hooked.

TikTok videos that give suggestions can be made while using a trending sound. You can record a video with you pointing towards space and then later add the pointed space with gifting ideas through either text or image. Remember that some of these suggestions can even apply if you’re wanting to make YouTube videos.

Now you’re ready to throw or attend a party and help your friends out to have a great holiday season.