Product customization has become an important part of the today’s eCommerce world. This popularity comes from the fact that customized products have more chances to satisfy the needs of both customers and the firms alike. According to the last years’ research by Deloitte, 30% of the clients are often willing to personalize their products and buy things their friends and relatives do not have.

When deciding on whether one should implement product customization into their business portfolio, have to make a decision. On the one hand, introducing product customization required some initial investment to be. But on the other, the potential risk will be outweighed by a higher ROI in the form of increased sales and the reduction of overhead costs of warehouse inventory.

These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy from introducing product customization for your site. The article you are currently is going to proceed with a discussion about the other 5 reasons why it might be a good idea to offer product customization services to your site’s users.

So, let’s discover what these advantages are.

1. Opportunity to charge higher prices

After introducing product customization on their site, businesses will be able to charge an extra margin for the products they are currently selling. According to the research by Deloitte, many customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for the products they can potentially customize. Therefore, when it comes to profit calculations, product personalization is one of the ways of earning extra revenue.

2. The opportunity to receive valuable customer feedback

Product customization is a great source of knowledge of what your customers want. Take an example of a customized Nutella jar the customers can put their names on. Back in 2015, Ferrero Spa, the brand’s owner realized that product personalization can be used as a new way to drive sales of their well-known product. As a result, what began as a bunch of personalized jars turned into a creation of a new sales channel in the form of a website, people can order their own Nutella from.

Therefore, personalized products can give businesses that much needed feedback which can then be transformed into new market opportunities and higher sales. With minimum modification to your existing business portfolio.

3. Higher customer retention rate with a lower product return

The more effort a customer puts into the product creation process, the more value it will have. This fact comes from the understanding that the participation in the product creation process creates a psychological connection which often leads to increased willingness to buy.

In addition to this, customers who are given the power to create their own products are less likely to return the products they’ve originally created. And to make this situation almost impossible, businesses can provide detailed product information in the form of specs or product trials.

Finally, when it comes to large purchases, those firms which invest time and effort in providing their customers with product previews are likely to free themselves from some unnecessary customer complaints and product returns.

4. An opportunity to enhance your presence online

Offering custom product can increase your site’s visibility within Google or any other search engine pushing your traffic up. This will have a positive influence on brand awareness, inviting more or more users to buy your unique products.

What’s more, the possibility to play a role in the product, creating process will induce customers to make a repeat purchase at your store rather than the ones of your competitors.

Nowadays, the most popular e-commerce platform is Magento. If you are using this Content Management System and want to take full advantage of the benefits of tailored products, take a look at some of the Magento 2 Custom Options extensions which are currently available on the Internet.

5. Better custom retention with the facilitated ordering process

Tailor-made products help companies by giving their customers exactly what they want without significant extra costs. And the clients whose needs can be met with a maximum precision will be much more likely to return to your site again and again.

The possibility of taking part in the product creation process will give them a feeling of being in the driver seat eliminating the need for company designers. In other words, the client can be his or her own product designer! He or she will be more likely to tell their friends and relatives about the unique products you sell on your site.