The dream of being able to start your own web development business can allow you professional freedom that others can only imagine. Web development professionals can have a team or take the small business approach and work alone or with a small group of people. The ability to work from anywhere in the world is also an added benefit with technology allowing for meetings where people can do a virtual face to face meeting. The incentive of this freedom is enough to start looking into web development and starting your own web development business.

There are plenty of web developers that are self-taught but there are issues with this. They could have left out a specific part of web developing that they would need to do an extensive project. These uncommon languages and formats need to be practiced so taking a course can be the perfect training. Taking the right course can help you set your web development business up for success. The following are some features of a top course that can help you start your web development business.

First the course for web development has to be thorough as skipping something in terms of web development will need to be learned on your own later. The course should also allow you to start working almost immediately after completing it as having to practice for another year is a sign of a less than average course. The course should be able to help you with different aspects of running a business as well as this can be the largest learning curve for some individuals. Developers that can work on the front end of a website and the backend are going to be far more valuable to companies that need websites build.

Modern React With Redux

Stephen Grider teaches this course and does an incredible job as he has done with other courses especially his course on databases. What sets this course apart is that it is broken up into two different difficulties for those that are beginning and those that want to perfect their skills or have a technical background. Both difficulties can be taken though so using the beginner course can be a great way test it out. If you like Mr. Grider’s teaching style there is plenty to learn as the common person does not know what React is. Other essentials to this course will be taught as well as it has quite the appeal with over 100,000 students enrolled in the class.

Ultimate Web Designer And Developer Course – Brad Hussey

There are very few courses that are as popular as this course and it gained its popularity due to being an extremely efficient teaching tool. This combines speed with thorough teaching which is important as many people do not have time to be unemployed. A few students noted that they came into the course not knowing anything and could create professional looking websites in a matter of weeks. The course helps guide the student through 23 projects with this hands on experience being important in the course overall. The course covers everything from HTML5 to learning animations with CSS3. The price is almost unbeatable for this course as it is reasonable to say the least.

The Web Developer Boot Camp – Colt Steele

Besides having the best name on this list The Web Developer Boot Camp whips developers into shape! In fact, this is considered as the best course possible for a web developer to take according to experts and former students. The reason for this is that there is not one piece of relevant information that is left out during this course. Cot Steele is an expert in the field to say the least but also has the rare ability to communicate and teach in an effective manner. At times there can be great developers that are not great teachers but that is far from the case when it comes to this course.

The Complete Node.js Developer Course – Rob Percival

This is another course that uses you doing a specific task to teach you. After doing a specific thing a few hundred times it will become second nature allowing a developer to code more efficiently. The course will cover Node.js which is going to be more important in 2019 than ever before. This is the preferred way to create network programs with a great example being the development of web servers. Andrew Mead has a name that carries weight in the developer community while Rob Percival also helps in a collaborative effort. The responsive nature of these teachers makes the learning process nearly seamless. Being able to get in-depth answers to questions almost immediately is a luxury that not many courses offer. For those people that might need a more hands on teacher this course is almost second to none. This course has over 95,000 students with a high ranking score on Udemy. Take the time to look into this course as people that take it rarely regret it!

After these courses you are going to be able to start completing projects from start to finish for clients. Finding these clients is going to be a task at first but with all of the freelancer platforms you can connect with a client in no time. Make sure to hit deadlines and pride yourself on quality work that is delivered correctly the first time. Once you have built up a decent client base you can start being more selective in the type of clients that you bring on. There are going to be certain clients that are a dream to work with while others are nothing short of a nightmare to do any type of business with. The investment in a web developer course is a great one as it is an investment in yourself. Take the above courses into consideration as they are the best of the best in terms of teaching, price, and course material.