In today’s online world, having a quality website to support your business is the key to growing your business and developing a reliable and well-known brand. It is estimated that over 90% of consumers start their search for products and services with an online search. If you are not represented on the web you could be missing out on endless opportunities to connect with potential customers.

The search engine has become the modern library, where any information that you are looking for can often be found by asking simple questions online. If your business is not coming up in the common search results, then you may need to reevaluate the quality and efficiency of your website.

Professional marketing companies like Konstruct Digital can help you to redefine your webpage and make it stand out in the crowd. The quality and content of your page will often be the determining factor for many potential customers to investigate your business further. If you don’t have your webpage set up properly you may not be taking full advantage of the power of the Internet. There are several things that a quality web page should have to ensure top search engine results and work harder for your business.

Home Page Simplicity

It is easy to get carried away when you are initially designing your webpage. The instinct is to shower your viewer with all the information about your business at once and to make a big impression. The truth is, most consumers are looking for simplicity and professional-looking content, so in the end, simple is more effective. Don’t crowd your page with flashy fonts and gimmicks. Stick to the essential business details and focus on simple yet impressive designs.

Let viewers know what your business is all about with a simple one or two line mission statement to draw them in but not overwhelm them. Make sure that your contact information is easy to find, include relevant and attractive photos and let your products and brand reputation speak for themselves.

Quality SEO Content

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of customizing your webpage content so that it is more easily picked up by the search engines. If someone is searching for a product that you happen to deal with, when they use a search engine, you want for your page to show up in the results.

Consumers are 75% more likely to click on a site that is listed on the first page of any search engine results. To optimize your website you can use a combination of relevant keywords and link building to increase your search ratings and help drive more traffic to your page.

The quality of your website content is far more important than you may think. Unprofessional or sloppy webpages are often passed over by consumers because of a lack of trust. It’s more beneficial to post quality information than it is to spam your site with useless trivial content that is not likely to impress consumers.

Quality User Experience

A potential customer not only wants to see an attractive webpage, but also have an easy time navigating your site to find what they need easily. Your design should be simple, elegant and be able to anticipate the users’ needs by providing fluid content. Include attractive photos and intuitive web page design to ensure that users have the best experience possible. If you have no webpage design experience, it’s a good idea to talk with a digital marketing specialist and have them help you set up a page that will work best for your business.