Web development industry is dynamic and witnesses change regularly. Gone are the days when merely creating a website would offer leverage to a business. Today websites need to be interactive and informative to help you connect with your customers. Businesses around the world are looking for robust web development solutions and website builders allow them to create attractive websites with ease. One such platform Web Start Today has made deep inroads into the market and is being used by businesses as well as professional developers.

Web Start Today allows you to design and publish a website without writing any codes. It is a comprehensive tool that allows you to meet all kinds of web development challenges and create a strong online presence.

Easy Signup

To start using this tool you will need to sign up and you would require a valid email account for the same. You can also signup using your Facebook or Google account.  Once you have signed up you will be able to access a 30 day trial account. You won’t have to pay a cent during the trial phase.

Get Started With Design

All businesses wish to have a unique website that is customized to their needs and with Web Start Today achieving this is easy.  There are thousands of themes on offer and these have been sorted into 72 distinct categories on the basis of business verticals. This is one of the biggest advantages that it offers over other website builder platforms. There are many options available in terms of the site structure, use of images, color schemes etc.

Thus you will be able to get a template that is themed around your industry and also addresses your niche needs. Among these templates are responsive ones that allow you to create sites that work on multiple devices.

Customize and Publish

Web Start Today has a robust Content Management System that allows you to customize the website to meet your needs. You can easily select and edit the content and the design elements of the website. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to publish content without worrying about the coding. The CMS is completely browser based and hence can be accessed from anywhere. To go live you need to click on ‘Publish This Site’ and choose a billing plan that suits your needs. You won’t have to set up the FTP or have to fiddle with a confusing c Panel. All things are done from within a single dashboard.

Create Stunning Online Stores

You can create an interactive online store using Web Start Today. This recently upgraded feature allows you to develop what they call Web Shop. A easy to comprehensive dashboard allows you to manage the store easily. Description, labels, images etc. can easily be attached to the products being sold on the store. You can create a single page signup and checkout process for the ease of customers and this increase your sales. Multiple payment options can also be offered to the customers. It also offers you 24/7 support via Help Center and Chat support.

Advantages of Web Start Today

  • Custom Domain and Hosting – You will be able to purchase a custom domain for your website from within this tool. It also offers you cost effective hosting plans and this makes Web Start Today a one stop platform for your web development needs.
  • Inbuilt SEO – With the inbuilt SEO features you will be able to increase the online visibility of the website. The code generated using this tool is clean and attracts search engine crawlers. You can also customize the Meta description, page title etc. that aid the ranking process.
  • Multimedia Content – You can make your website interactive using multimedia content such as Audio, Video, Maps and other elements. This interactivity allows you to grab the attention of the visitors and turn the website into a potent marketing tool.
  • Pre-Built Content – All templates are accompanied by pre-built content that is specific to the industry. Well researched keywords have been used in this content and hence help the website rank high on the search engines.
  • Hire Professional Developers – Though it is a comprehensive website builder, Web Start Today also allows you to hire the services of professional developers. You can hire a professional developer for $399, $499 and $899 for Standard Websites, Responsive Sites and Ecommerce Stores.

Hosting Plans

Web Start Today is aimed at meeting the needs of small businesses and startups and hence it has been priced competitively. The hosting plans have been divided into three different categories namely Standard Websites, Responsive Websites and Web Shop. Hosting packages for these three categories start from $9.99, $14.99 and $29.99 per month respectively. You can easily choose from different packages to meet your niche needs.

Final Words

There are many website builders in the market but for the price and features Web Start Today gives you the edge. It is truly a cake walk with web development.