Having a web presence is becoming more and more important for organisations and businesses. The truth is you probably can’t afford not to have a well-designed web site; but how much will the designing of your website cost? There is no one definite answer to this question but there are estimates to help you see what you should expect to pay.

The actual price you pay for website design will depend on several factors such as the designer you choose and the size and scope of your organisation. We are going to give you an idea of the amount of money you should expect to pay to get an effective, professionally designed website.

Start-up business

If you run a start-up business, chances are you will not have a massive budget to spend on website design; the same applies to non-profit organisations. Sometimes, it can be tempting to use free options, such as WordPress. If you are thinking of doing this it’s worth remembering that your website is going to be the face you put out to the world; for this reason you really want it look as professional as possible and be user friendly. Often this is best achieved by investing some money in professional website design.

If you invest between AU$1,300 and AU$6,500 then you should be able to get a professionally designed website that gives you everything you need. This range is pretty big, given that different businesses have different requirements in respect of areas such as the number of pages on the site or the type of coding that is needed.

Privately owned stores

Unlike the big retail chains, the owners of small privately owned stores do not have vast budgets at their fingertips, but they do still need to have a reliable web presence that looks good and works well. A well-designed website, that fully represents your brand and image, should cost anywhere from AU$4,500 and AU$9,000. For this you should get a fully responsive and dynamic website that encourages customers to keep coming back to you.

Medium sized and large businesses

Larger businesses tend to have a marketing manager who is in charge of dealing with both the online and offline marketing presence; this includes website design. Many businesses in this category have a web presence but it’s not effective. This could be because it’s out of date or not mobile friendly. In cases where a website redesign is necessary it’s still worth noting that you need to have a realistic budget in mind; between AU$6,500 and AU$13,000 is a realistic cost for upgrading the website of a larger business.

All of these estimates costs are only suggestions about what you should be looking to spend on website design in 2016. There are more reasonably priced options available; including the single page websites that are gaining popularity. It’s worth talking to a design professional to discuss pricing with them, and agree on the cost of any additional services you require such as website management, SEO and content writing.