Every person who works in the world of advertisement, photography or web designing is aware of the fact that fonts have a great importance and a huge value. When it comes to creating a brand or sending the right message it is compulsory to pick the right font, and as a result people must think about this aspect twice before actually choosing something. Anyway, in the lines that are to come you will get to read and to find out more about Whatfontis, a tool that you will definitely consider to be a great help in your work.

To begin with, this could really assist you in your tasks because it can identify fonts by image. To be more precise, this is what you will have to do. If you have come across a photo that contains an awesome font, you may upload it on this free online font finder and Whatfontis will give you the name of the font. However, if it can’t find the exact match, it doesn’t mean that their work is done. This toll will generate some alternatives for you and will pick the one that resembles your font the most.

Anyway, Whatfontis doesn’t only recognize font from image, it can also mention the websites where people could buy or download the identified fonts from. But you should know that most of these fonts could be downloaded for free, as a result your business budget will remain intact, while you have picked the right font.

Also, another reason why this is the ideal choice, when it comes to your font finder is due to the fact that people are able to browse through 150.000 fonts, in order to make the right choice. Although this high number could be translated as a waste of time, waiting for the program to process all these results, this is not the case, because here things move fast. So, when it comes to Whatfontis you will get numerous results and high processing speed.

It was mentioned previously that this is a free online tool. However, if your business is growing and as a result your desire more than the standard edition, then you may upgrade to a premium account for only $9.99 per year. This means that you will get no advertising, you will be able to select the source for commercial fonts, to input from one to fifteen characters and last but not least you will have an unlimited number of identifications per day. Thus, if you believe that these benefits will suit your business more, then go ahead and upgrade to premium.

To conclude, this is the right tool for any photographer or web artist who desires to take his or her business to the next level. As you can see it has only advantages to offer to its clients and its services (font detection from image, displaying free and commercial fonts, specifying the places where the identified fonts could be bought, and the list may continue) always please and render the customers happy. So, if you are in need of a great font finder, you may always go for Whatfontis.