The exam season is just around the corner, and many students have no idea how to handle the preparation. Everyone wants to use simple, affordable, and effective means that combine all different types of material. Some would be surprised to learn that a well-known PDF editing program can help you solve the issue.

Google PDF Editor: overall advantages

Before you learn to use an ordinary PDF editor, here is a short list of the distinguishing benefits of this program: 

  • Smooth conversion: you can convert a PDF to an editable Word, or any other format to an editable PDF file
  •  Multiple editing options with PDF: alter your text and other content using a range of editing functions
  •  Shared access: share access with certain people and set limits for unwanted users
  •  Collect electronic signatures: whether your partners are in another city or on another continent, you can get their e-signature in just a few clicks. A bulk signature is also possible
  •  Security measures in the PDF editor: apply strong passwords to protect your work

PDF Editor for exam preparation

There are several ways in which students can utilize the PDF editing function. Note that this program is suitable for a plethora of tasks. You can arrange your college material and use the editor for everyday assignments, business, and personal needs. 

This article focuses on exam preparation, so let’s get started. 

Customization of the study material

Students tend to collect a copious amount of learning materials throughout their studies. Some of these are paper-based but the majority are digital. Students store their e-books, homework, anthologies, shared projects, and documents online or on their home computers. A PDF file editor can effectively customize all the material depending on your specific needs. 

Frequently, a person needs a few chapters from one book, two more from another anthology. etc.; however it takes time to scroll to the needed page which quickly becomes annoying. Luckily, there are several online PDF editor options available for consideration to manage the pile of virtual material. Students can edit PDF files online to split massive files into multiple smaller files in order to combine several documents similar in topic. One should utilize either the Split or Merge option. There is also an opportunity to remove the pages that are not being used. Thus, everyone has the freedom to mix up and customize documents the way they need and create a personalized form for various exams.

Capturing noteworthy information

Even though the majority of study material is now digital, people still have notebooks with handwritten lecture notes, copies of library books, and photos of teachers’ presentations. It sometimes proves difficult to create a system that incorporates all of the different sources. 

You can always open a photo on your smartphone and lay out dozens of papers in front of you while simultaneously looking through your notes. There is another, endlessly easier option for you: a PDF editor. A feature called OCR technology can solve this exact problem.

OCR software allows you to highlight text in photos and scans. In the past, children had to type out the notes they had previously photographed during the lecture. Now it’s possible to use the OCR feature to digitize any scanned file and turn it into an editable and fillable PDF document. 

Have private storage for all materials

Students sometimes seem to have the memory span of a goldfish. This happens when they are simultaneously involved in multiple subjects, extra-curricular activities, and performing household chores. For that reason,they might find themselves in a situation where they cannot find a specific document. Even if one is 100% confident that the file in question is somewhere on the laptop or mobile phone, it’s possible to spend the entire day searching and still not find it.

An online, free PDF editor is the perfect way to modify PDF online. In addition, you can add the tool to Google Docs. You may already know that Google Drive is extremely convenient in terms of document storage. It is twice as good when you are able to make all the necessary changes to your study files online and store everything in the corresponding Google Drive files. You can create fillable PDF to cover the topics that were meant for self-study as well! 

Cooperative exam preparation

Many people prefer to prepare for tests and examinations in pairs or groups. It is a helpful practice; while your mate may have more in-depth knowledge in one area, you might be an expert in something else. Collaboration is possible with the help of a digital PDF editor. Namely, the annotation option will help students engage in a virtual ‘conversation’ inside the document. You can highlight specific paragraphs, ask questions, add text to PDF, and reply to your mate online.

Analytical reading + integration of class notes

Analytical reading implies a complete engagement in the content you absorb, its interpretation, and simultaneous analysis. If you make a PDF editable, there are many ways to limit and tweak editing and commenting permission. As you read the material, you can quickly leave notes for yourself, highlight questionable parts, and add images or graphics to better understand the material.

Finally, it is a perfect way to add missing information from the class notes you have previously digitized using the OCR feature. Your teacher might mention some facts, events, important figures, or terms that were not included in the book or article you were studying. Thus, you will have a clearer image of the whole topic and simultaneously can leave your remarks in the actual pages online. It has become apparent that a PDF editing tool is more than just an instrument to read a specific format’s files. Students can benefit from using the software throughout the academic year. As for exams, you can considerably enhance and accelerate the studying process with the best PDF editor.