Post Thumbnails are getting more popular every day. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can easily add thumbnail or lead image to individual posts in chip life WordPress Theme. These images can be shown on the front page, archives, search pages, etc.

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Let’s start to learn,

Step 1: Add New Post

I am starting with a new post and add some data to the post,

Add New Post

Step 2: Add Image

After setting the post title and content, I am uploading the image(s) related to the post, as below.

Select Image for the Post

Select Image(s) for the post, as I selected grasshopper for my post.

Post Image

Step 3: Image Setting

I am setting here my image title, caption, alignment, size (which you want to like for your post), here I am selecting full size picture for my post.

If you don’t want to insert image into your post content. Don’t press “Insert into Post” Button, just press “Save all changes” Button.

Image Setting

I want to add image into my content, so I insert the image in my post, as below.

Image Inserted in Post

Step 4: Post Options Setting

Here, for post thumbnail, let me confirm that when I activate the chip life theme, whether I set the “Post Style” to excerpt or not.

I already set this option, as below.

Note: Set “Post Style” to “excerpt” for post thumbnail.

Appearance>Chip life Theme Options>Post Options>Post Style>excerpt

Post Style Excerpt

Step 5: Layout Options Setting

Let me also check my desired thumbnail setting. Yes, it is ok in my case, as below.

Note: Set your desired thumbnails for your blog posts.

Appearance>Chip life Theme Options>Layout Options>Featured Image>thumbnail

Selecting Thumbnail for the Post

Step 6: Post Thumbnail selection from Multiple Images

If you have multiple images into your post then set no.1 position to your favorite image which you want to see in post thumbnail and press “Save all changes” Button.

In my post, I have only one image inserted so this step is optional for me.

Note: Not need to set image numbing if you have only one image attached or inserted in your post.

Thumbnail Selection in Multiple Photos

Step 7: Publish the Post

Now, I am publishing my post.

Publish the Post

Step 8: Post Thumbnail

Waoo! Finally, I have successfully set the thumbnail/lead image of my post.

Post Thumbnail Featured Image

I hope you have learned the post thumbnail setting from this simple step by step tutorial. Don’t Forget to Follow TutorialChip on Twitter or Subscribe to TutorialChip to Get the Latest Updates on Giveaways, Tutorials and More for Free.

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