Today in this article, we will learn about Chip Life primary menu that how to customize primary menu in Chip Life theme. I hope you will have already customize the Menus in Chip Life theme. If you have not manage the menus then you read this article and customize your menus.

Ok, now we start our tutorial that how to customize primary menu in Chip Life theme.

Step 1

First of all login in your WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance tab in sidebar options.

Appearance Tab

Step 2

When you click on Appearance tab then you will see many other options in appearance menu. Now you click on Menus.

Menus Option

When you open the Menus option then a new page will be opened. In this page you can create easily your menus.

Create the Menus

Step 3

After creating the menus you will go back on Chip Life Options.

Chip Life Options

When you opened the Chip Life options then you will see Display Primary Menu option. This option is by default Yes.

Display Primary Menu

Ok, we open the Chip Life home page. In this page we will see the by default primary menu.

Primary Menu

If you want not show the primary menu on home page you can easily switch this option, just go back again Display Primary Menu option and turn it option into No.

Display Primary Menu Option

In which result our primary menu will not display at home page.

Chip Life Home Page
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