TutorialChip is offering free WordPress Chip Life theme for developers, bloggers and any other users. It has many powerful features. Chip Life theme supports 8 Widget Areas, Post Formats, Navigation Menus, Post Thumbnails, Custom Backgrounds, Custom Image Headers, and Custom Editor Style.

So today, in this article I will show you that how manage the custom header in Chip Life WP theme. I mention this tutorial step by step below. If you fallow these steps, you can easy mange the custom header in Chip Life theme.

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Step 1

First of all you will login in your WordPress admin panel.

Wordpress Admin Panel

Step 2

When you login in admin panel then you can see the Appearance Tab on admin’s front page.

Appearance Menu

Now click on the Appearance tab, in which result many options will be opened. But you will opened the Chip Life Options.

Chip Life Options

After opened the Chip Life Options you will see the Chip Life Theme Settings page. Now click on the Blog Options.

Chip Life Theme Settings

Step 3

In this step you change the Display Custom Header into “Yes” and change the Display Sidebars Header into “No“.

Chip Life Blog Options

After set these options click on the Save Changes button.

Save Changes Button

Step 4

If you want change the header in Chip Life theme, you click on Header option in Appearance tab.

Header Option in Appearance Tab

Chip Life theme offer the ready made different six headers. Chip Life theme sported the 960 × 200 pixels header.

Header Option

After chose the any header click on the Save Changes button.

Changes the Header

After change the header our Chip Life theme home page as like in this preview below.

Chip Life Home Page

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