Yesterday, I have written a tutorial on how to customize Category and Tag in Chip Life theme. I hope you will have like this tutorial. So today, In this article we will learn how to set the Date and Time Format in Chip Life theme. Follow these steps to understand this tutorial. If you have any one question about Chip Life theme so feel free and share with us.

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Step 1

First of all login in your WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance tab in sidebar options.

Appearance Tab

Step 2

When you click on Appearance tab then you will see many other options in appearance menu. Now you click on Chip Life Options.

Chip Life Options

After opened the Chip Life options you will see the Chip Life Theme Settings page. Now click on the Blog Options.

Blog Options

Now in this page you will see Select Date and Time Format option.

Date and Time Format

Ok, we check the time and date format on home page of Chip Life theme.

Home Page of Chip Life

Date and Time Format option has other three options:

  • Default
  • Custom
  • None

Default: Default is the date and time format configured in your WordPress options.

Custom: With this option you can set the date and time format as you like.


None: If you want that date and time are not show on home page with published posts then you can change this option into None. In which result date and time will not shown on home page.

None Option

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