Last day, I write a article on how to manage the custom header in Chip Life theme. I hope you will have like this article. OK, last days I have received a number of mails about the usage of sidebars header in Chip Life theme.

So today I am going to write a detailed tutorial about usage of the Chip Life sidebars header. Follow these step by step guide lines to understand that how to manage the sidebars header in Chip Life WordPress theme.

Step 1

First of all login in your WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance tab in sidebar options.

Appearance Tab

Step 2

When you click on Appearance tab then you will see many other options in appearance menu. Now you click on Chip Life Options.

Chip Life Options

After opened the Chip Life options you will see the Chip Life Theme Settings page. Now click on the Blog Options.

Chip Life Theme Settings Page

Step 3

In this step you change the Display Custom Header into “No” and change the Display Sidebars Header into “Yes“.

Chip Life Blog Options

After set these options click on the Save Changes button.

Save Changes Button

Step 4

Now click on Widgets option in Appearance tab.

Widgets Option

When you click on Widgets Option then a new page will be opened as like in preview below.

Widgets Option

In this page you will find two sidebars,

  • Header Left
  • Header Right

Header Left: Header left sidebar is specific for logo. In this option you can put your website logo code.

Header Right: In this option you can put the sponsor ad. Chip Life theme sport the two sponsor ads, 468x60px and 728x90px of sizes.


Step 5

In this step drag the text widget in Header Left sidebar and paste the your logo code in text widget.

Paste the Logo Code

Step 6

Now again drag the text widget in Header Right sidebar and paste the your sponsor ad code in text widget. I have paste the Google sample adsense format sponsor ad code but you will paste your own sponsor ad code.

Paste the Sponsor Ad Code

After change these setting our Chip Life theme home page is showing as like in preview.

Chip Life Home Page

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial about How to Manage the Sidebars Header in Chip Life Theme. Don’t Forget to follow TutorialChip on Twitter or Subscribe to TutorialChip to Get the Latest Updates on Giveaways, Tutorials and More for Free.