Running a successful blog is all about content not just the facts and ideas in your posts, but also the format of that information. Certain post styles drive more visits than others because they follow a recognizable model and promise key types of information. Whether that’s a “how to” post or a “best of,” this is the kind of content that readers are after.

If you’re looking to increase your blog readership, consider testing out these 3 post styles. You may find that their clear messaging and social media-friendly format helps you build a more powerful brand.

The “Best Of” Post

Every reader wants to feel like they’re getting the inside scoop on a topic, which is what makes “best of” or “top 5” posts so popular, no matter the theme of your blog. What’s more, these posts can be as broad or as narrow in their topic as you want.

The blog Arkansas Bride goes wide with their post on best bridesmaid styles for all body types, but they just as easily could have gone for a more narrow scope and produced an equally interesting and useful list.

Best of and list style posts are also great for bloggers who are struggling to generate enough content for an active website; you can generate a year’s worth of blogs just using this theme. And as the bloggers at Girl vs Globe points out, list style posts are short enough for the average reader’s attention span.

“How To” Content

Similar to list style posts, how to blogs are perfect for building authority while keeping things brief. They’re set up to be a quick, but high value read and you can fit them to any topic, ranging from how to dispute a credit report error to how to do a gel manicure or cook a soufflé.

How to posts lend themselves to video format, not just text, so don’t overlook this possibility. A short video often has a higher value for those surfing the web and can further build out the diversity of your blog. Keep your videos under 2 minutes for maximum effect and engagement.

Infographic-Centered Blogs

Finally, you can’t have a good blog without some data or at least the appearance of data. That’s what makes infographics so popular. Even if they’re more explanatory in nature than numerically driven, they represent themselves as more authoritative than a standard text post. You’ll find infographics today that expound on the nutritional value of kale as well as those that break down recent trends and statistics in marketing.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make a great visual post, but you do need to focus on creating a professional appearance. Luckily, using the simple photo editing tools available today, you can apply text and combine images together without learning all the intricacies of something like Photoshop.

When it comes to increasing your blog content and developing a sustainable editorial calendar, these simple post formats are your secret weapon. Whether there’s a gap in your posting schedule or a sudden guest post cancellation, pulling one of these blogs out of your back pocket can keep things active and engaging.