Are you new to using design software packages where it be commercially or for a hobby? Then you will need to brush up on your skills in this area and luckily for you there are lots of different options out there to help support you in this. While you may have already taken a look at certain packages and found them to be too complicated to use, they really do not have to be. Gaining as much knowledge as you can from capability design software packages will help you to improve how effective and efficient you are when you are designing a product. 

Where to Find Help

Some of the most popular design software packages are those that will help you to design a range of cool things which can be anything from electronics to cars and even aeroplanes. It can tend to be overwhelming at first when you start to do this but when you really sit down to learn it you will tend to find that it is not really as complex as you may originally have thought. What’s also great about learning this as a beginner is that it can be a tonne of fun and there is scope to have a go at whatever you want. Below, we have listed some of our favourite places where you can find help, support and some of the very best design package software in the business.


A place that you may not have thought to look for help and support when brushing up on your design software package skills is online forums! There are forums out there that cover a tonne of topics and many of these people will be in exactly the same position that you are in. In these forums, you can have direct conversation between people and this is the perfect place to find information on specialist topics. It is also a fantastic place to share your problems and find solutions to them. While there are no experts moderating these forums, it is normally experts who are on them providing answers as this is one of the best places for them to promote themselves and what they are selling.

Online Support

There are lots of amazing classes online where you can find out more about design software packages and Altium is an extremely popular one. They can help both hobbyists and commercial applications with design and support you in your learning. You can work at your own pace using this online information and you will know that it is coming from a credible source.


If you are really serious about brushing up on your design software package skills, then you will want to make sure that you are attending some sort of class where you can learn, network and share tips with others. Classes are usually available for people of all skill levels and abilities, so don’t be put off from going!