“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.” – Yann LeCun

If we dig into the past, web development has been a dynamic industry that has evolved immensely since its inception. It has been noted that the professional web development companies are gradually embracing advanced approaches for building feature-rich, high-end websites. If you are interested in improving you Web developing skills. Then Intellipaat’s AI course and Machine learning course is for you.

This trend is only the driving force behind the increasing popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the web development domain. Clearly, entrepreneurs are striving hard to enhance their web presence by personalizing and boosting user experience with the help of AI.

Moreover, as per Gartner, “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human”. But how’s it possible? Simply through AI  bots. Considering the current scenario, let’s take a look at the major ways in which this technology is expected to transform web development in 2019 and beyond.

1. Simplifying The Complex Web Coding Process

AI is a powerful tool which can be used to simplify and automate several tasks of web programming such as adding and updating the records to the database, identifying appropriate code and helping web developers to solve complex problems.

This technology also has the potential to build self-modifying codes from scratch without any human involvement. Also, it helps in speeding up the entire process of web app development.

2. Facilitating Efficient Web Analytics From SEO Point Of View

There are various web analytics tools available in the market that can help to boost the SEO strategies. But the majority of them are not comprehensive enough to interpret and analyze data on their own.

But this problem can be easily addressed with efficient data mining with the help of AI. Also, this technology is used to build predictive engines which help SEO professionals to analyze the gathered data in a better manner and formulate policies accordingly.

For example, you can look at Market Brew which is an advanced AI platform for SEO. This platform is extremely beneficial as it allows businesses to boost their web presence by planning and placing their content properly.

3. Making Web Development An Absolute Breeze

Web development is not an easy job, developers have to perform different tedious, complex, and time-consuming tasks such as designing templates and layouts. But with the help of AI consultants, these tasks have become much easier.

Developers and designers or even website owners can ask specific questions to these assistants and they can provide them with personalized answers by extracting the appropriate content.

For instance, Adobe Sensie has the ability to recommend relevant design elements by analyzing the entries. In addition, there are AI-powered tools which can automate the entire process of photo editing by implementing image recognition technology.

4. Effective Gathering & Analysis Of Data Without Human Intervention

Chatbots are one of the magical inventions of AI that can be used to gather the client’s specific requirements easily. Also, these bots can answer such issues and satisfy the targeted audience on your behalf.

In addition, the gathered data can be accumulated in one place and with the help of different data extraction tools ideas can be produced which can be used in formulating future web development and design strategies. NLP, image recognition tools, algorithms, and artificial vision are some of the major technologies responsible for this achievement.

Kore.ai is an advanced bots platform that is highly helpful to entrepreneurs as it allows them to make better-informed decisions by efficiently gathering and analyzing the data from different sectors.

5. Providing Customers With An Optimum Experience

Here also, chatbots play a significant role. These AI-powered tools can be used to interact with the customers and answer their queries. Also, these bots are flexible as they grasp something new from each real conversation and adapt itself accordingly.

Chatbots are useful because they can be used to comment on blog posts and automate routine tasks so that to provide relevant information and services. ShopBot is one of the most popular examples of a chatbot built by eBay for Facebook users. This tool helps customers to filter the best eBay offers in accordance with their interests and specific needs. Also, it answers the queries raised by customers.

6. Flawless Testing & Quality Assurance

AI algorithms can be used to test web apps without requiring a human to interfere much. These algorithms act on the basis of historical data and easily predict the major parameters of the software testing process.

Along with this, the algorithms have the potential to spot bugs in advance and fixing them then and there. These functionalities definitely make the entire testing and quality assurance process much fast and precise. Also, programmers can completely focus on the core development process and leave complex tasks of running test cases and resulting errors on AI.

There is no doubt that AI is becoming increasingly popular as it adds value to the web development in many ways. Also, it has the potential to transform the relationship between websites and their users by providing much more relevant and personalized information.