The global network has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. People have learnt to use the power of the Internet to reach their goals. Irrespective of this fact, not all entrepreneurs consider it important to launch websites to promote their businesses on the web. Some of them think that this is too expensive, while others just don’t believe that a website will work great for their business advancement.

Multiple studies, however, have proven that a website has become a must for each successful business. The thing is that there are many niche competitors, which will attract the target audience, while you are working on your business promotion offline. To beat the competitors, you have to offer your customers something new and unexpected – a business website that will become your visiting card and the best promo tool of your company. A website is that very place, where your potential and current clients will find your products/services as well as your business info all in one place.

If you have made up your mind to get a business website, creating it with website builders will certainly be a smart solution. These services are specially built for users with different web design background – from newbies and up to professionals. They come with a set of design customization tools and features needed to launch a full-featured website that will pay off. Are you interested in the available options? Then let’s find out more about the most popular website builders and their major characteristics now.

SITE123 – Free Website Builder

SITE123 is a powerful  website builder that does not require profound web design knowledge and experience. The service is easy-to-use and it allows building multiple projects, including small-to-medium business websites and online stores and landing pages. SITE123 is an all-in-one web building solution for users who value their time and effort above all.

Building a Small Business Website With SITE123

Building a website with SITE123 is stunningly simple due to the extended features of the service. The system ensures a safe and smooth web building process, offering multiple tools to give your website the desired look. All you have to do to start working on your website is to sign up for the service and create the account. The process is quick, simple, and it doesn’t take much time.

The next step is to select the required category, which best suits your business specialization. Fortunately, SITE123 has many categories to choose from. Each category encompasses multiple templates, which are free and mobile-responsive.

The templates are also easy-to-customize as the system comes with a collection of tools needed to give your business website decent design and functionality. You can add and edit as many website pages as you need, pick and integrate widgets and social networking services, select website fonts, backgrounds, styles, configure SEO settings and more.. The website builder has an intuitive dashboard, which makes website creation simple, convenient and quick.

If you plan to launch an eCommerce website, SITE123 lets you do  that with ease due to its eCommerce module. By using it, you can effectively add and manage product lists, set up payment/shipping options, create and manage discounts, and adjust other settings.

SITE123 also makes it possible to create several language versions of your business website by activating its multilingual tool. As soon as you make all the required settings, go ahead to upload and manage content. The final step is to review and publish your website.


SITE123 is a free website builder that provides a broad range of high quality services. You can use the system at no cost for as long as you need to test its features. To avail access to multiple professional tools (powerful eCommerce engine, custom domain connection, market apps etc), you can upgrade the account to one of the paid plans. The system offers four paid subscriptions (Basic, Advanced, Pro, Gold), the cost of which ranges from $9.80 and up to $27.80 per month depending upon the features included.The Basic plan may be a good choice for a simple business website, while more advanced options work best for launching an eCommerce website. Take your time to study the features available in all the plans to pick the one you need.


Mobirise is a free web building software developed for Android, iOS and Windows. The software is an easy-to-use offline application that requires download and installation before you can start working on your website creation. Based on Bootstrap 3, which is one of the most well-known CSS, HTML and JavaScript frameworks, the app comes with the intuitive user interface and powerful design customization tools. It allows building different types of websites, with business projects being the most successful.

Building a Small Business Website With Mobirise 

To build a website with Mobirise, you initially have to download and install the software. This doesn’t take much time as the process is smooth and intuitive. Then you’ll have to sign up for the system, launch it and start working on website development. What you should know is that Mobirise is the block-based service. To form your website layout, you’ll need to select the required content blocks (there are over 800 of them by now) and arrange them on a page as you wish. You can add any number of block to one page or create several pages at once based on the amount of info you plan to present. While arranging the blocks, you can edit them at once by selecting the backgrounds, styles, opacity, color schemes, adding and modifying the text, integrating marketing and media tools etc.

One of the undeniable highlights of the service is its AMP website builder. The tool makes it possible to design and publish AMP web pages optimized for mobile viewing. These pages generally have high search engine rankings, which has positive impact upon business promotion. As soon as you are done with your website design, you are welcome to publish it. Fortunately, Mobirise allows selecting and hosting projects with any provider. Thus, you can save your ready made websites on FTP, local drive, GitHub Pages, Google Drive  at no cost at all.


Mobirise is a free website builder for commercial and non-commercial use. Get ready, however, to pay some money for hosting (except for the free options) and domain name. The website builder does not have standard templates, but it offers premium themes and extensions, the cost of which ranges between $19 and $39. At the same time, Mobirise has a nice all-in-one kit, which encompasses all the themes and apps at a time. If you decide to get the kit, you’ll be able to save around 77% of the initial cost. That’s a great deal for users, who plan to use the service on a regular basis.

IM Creator

IM Creator is a free web-based website builder, which ensures quick, smooth and flexible web building process. The service is a nice choice for beginners and proficient web designers, who intend to build unique client projects. The major area of its specialization is business websites, but it is also possible to create decent portfolio websites and landing pages with the service.

Building a Small Business Website With IM Creator

Launching a website with IM Creator is not complicated. You’ll have to start with the sign up process to further proceed to template selection. The website builder offers a decent collection of themes, which are mobile-optimized and free by default. The templates are designed by professional web developers and can be customized by using corresponding design tools the service offers. What’s important, IM Creator has a unique Polydoms technology – the advanced approach to website building. It lets you create the website structure out of Stripes filled with content. By selecting, arranging and editing the Stripes, you form your website layout.

With IM Creator, you can build online stores and blogs. The website builder boasts powerful blogging and eCommerce engines with multiple settings and web design options. There are also specific templates to come up to each of these project types. As soon as you launch a website and create the required number of pages, you can proceed to adding the elements, changing background settings and color schemes, adjusting styles and fonts. These actions will help design a stunning website with excellent performance. Now that you are ready to save and publish a website, click the corresponding button and enjoy the result!


IM Creator is initially positioned as a free website builder and it really has a free plan for non-commercial organizations, students, artists and creatives. If you intend to launch a business website, though, it will make sense to upgrade to the Premium Plan, the cost of which constitutes $8/mo. The plan allows connecting your own domain or create a new one, getting premium support, unlimited hosting, access to the entire set of themes, advanced eCommerce options and absence of the system ads at your website. This plan is definitely worth consideration.


uKit is one of the best solutions, when it comes to the creation of small business websites. The service is initially geared towards this goal and, thus, offers a decent feature set and selection of tools needed to give your website credible look and impressive functionality. uKit is easy-to-use, convenient and understandable. It eliminates the necessity to learn complex web building and coding nuances.

Building a Small Business Website With uKit

uKit is full-packed with features that are a must when it comes to building decent business websites. The first and foremost thing you should do to use the system is to register with it. This is done with a few clicks and takes around a couple of minutes. The next step is to reach the template collection and pick the theme, which corresponds to your business specification most of all.

The template choice is really stunning here as the website builder offers around 400 free professional themes and hundreds of design customization options. All the themes uKit provides feature high quality and are responsive be default. They come with ready made content you can further replace with your own info. It is possible to change the initially chosen theme during the web development process, if you have such a necessity.

uKit allows integrating multiple business-specific widgets (Google Maps, SoundCloud, LiveChat, AMO CRM, Callback, Timer, SlideShare, Timeline etc.) into a website as well as videos, images and social networking accounts. Apart from that, there is an opportunity to integrate uCalc – the online cost calculator – into your website. This will be a perfect addition to an online store, which will enable users to find out the cost of the services/products they are interested in before the actually make the purchase.

By the way, if you plan to create an eCommerce website, you can select one of two options uKit offers. You can either integrate an eCommerce widget into your website or connect the Ecwid account. This will simplify the web building process. As soon as your website is ready, you’ll have to select a domain name for it and publish the project.

Finally, you should verify your website with the search engines to make sure all the SEO settings are in order and enable the statistics to track your website data. uKit also offers an opportunity to connect the SSL Certificate to the website to enhance its safety and confidentiality of the available data.


Even though, uKit is initially created for the development of small business websites, its pricing policy is really affordable and flexible. You can choose between four paid plans, the cost of which is between $4/mo and $12/mo. If you plan to launch a standard business website, then you are welcome to select a Premium or a Premium + Plan. eCommerce and Pro plans come with more advanced settings and features, which work great for the development of online stores.


Ucraft is a website builder, the area of specialization of which centers around the development of landing pages, online stores and business websites. The feature set of the system is rich and there is much users can find here, be it a beginner or a web design pro. The service is easy-to-master, while the projects launched with it are professional and visually-appealing.

Building a Small Business Website With Ucraft

Ucraft has a set of features that enable users launch and manage professionally-looking websites for effective business promotion. The website builder comes with powerful integrations (Vimeo, YouTube, Google Maps, MailChimp, SoundCloud, Noun Project, PayPal, Intercom, Hotjar, Disqus, Eventribe, Google Analytics, Zendesk Chat, Calendly, Instagram etc.), customizable blocks and elements, mobile view and Cloudflare page speed optimization, marketing and analytic tools, free cloud hosting, drag-and-drop elements, blocks, effects and colours.

To start working with the service, you’ll have to register with it, select the template and start customizing it by using the selected design customization tools. Ucraft has an extensive collection of responsive templates. They are mainly-business focused and can be edited by using the designer tools the system is known for (Typography, UIKit,Layout).  The Logo Maker tool allows creating and adding your own business logo to the website. Professional web designers can make use of the advanced code integration options to create unique business website design.

If you intend to launch a blog or a web store, Ucraft allows doing that by using the Articles App (for blogs) or an eCommerce engine (for online stores). It’s also possible to launch several language versions of a website by using the Multilingual App Ucraft is proud of. The website builder is SEO-friendly, which means that you don’t have to bother about your business website promotion. As soon as you are done with your template customization, you can select the plan, domain name for your website and publish it.


Ucraft has a free Landing Page plan, but it works well for one-page sites only. For entrepreneurs willing to establish web presence for their businesses, the website builder offers four paid plans. These are Website, eCommerce, Pro and Unlimited plans. Their cost is in between $8 and $76 per month, depending upon the feature set included. You can check out any of these plans by testing them during a free 14-day trial period.

Bottom Line

Having a website has multiple advantages for any business, be it a small company that has just been founded or a large and well-known enterprise. It helps reach your goals much quicker and with maximum efficacy, promoting your business and attracting the target audience.

Users, who don’t have a single idea of what to start their website creation process with, will certainly appreciate the availability of website builders – simple yet effective systems to launch and manage business websites. SITE123, Mobirise, IM Creator, uKit and Ucraft are those website builders, which have already won recognition in the web building niche due to their functionality, feature sets and abundance of design customization tools. If you plan to boost your business performance (either online or offline), consider creating an eCommerce website. Read on to find out a detailed tutorial on how to create an online store before you start.