As you are a business owner, you might have already had your business website in order to join a contemporary business society of the 21st century. You spent money on web design services and started a small marketing campaign – you spent money on advertising and as a result, customers call you at times but you want more. And, of course, you are looking for a budget-friendly way to squeeze out of your website as much profit and feedback as possible. To be honest it takes blood, sweat and tears but it is worth it.

Here, we will showcase what impact the expert web design services have on your website advancement and traffic conversion rate and what you should do to improve your current site in a good manner. To find more information about us, our services and our projects, you can visit our website.

Use bright headlines and pictures to present your company

When visitors come to your site the first thing they do is evaluating your website homepage as a composition and if they feel like staying on it for a longer time, they will esteem it from top to bottom. First, they will consider its elements like headlines and pictures as they catch the eyes the most, So it is your task number one to make them the most engaging as possible.

Offer a free trial period

“Free design services in Philadelphia!” “Get a week free membership!” It’s no secret that everyone likes a freebie. Your customers more likely bring you their money for your product or services if they had already tried it. Of course, if your product and service are of a good quality.

Forgo Internet stock photos. Use real ones!

If you are a professional photograph, it will be a piece of cake. If you are not, well, take it easy. People treat your company better and trust you when they see your real company instead of staged photos that will never truly represent your company. But don’t forget that your photos should be of an appropriate quality.

Toss out a search menu option from your website

Google search algorithms are one of the most advanced and your website search menu can’t compete it. Google has accustomed us to type full phrases into the search bar and not to worry about correct spelling. It is better to ditch the search bar to exclude situations that frustrate visitors when they can’t find something they want simply by typing in an incorrect phrase or a misspelled word.

Place a call-to-action for your visitors

A solid rank of your website in major search engines is not the end goal. To get more profit it should prompt its visitors to interact with your company. Besides the optimization to keywords, there is another SEO technique that will make visitors click throughout the site. Use phrases like “Try for free”, “Contact us”, etc and that will have its impact on optimization as well.

Add reviews to increase your rank

Many customers’ decisions whether to purchase or not are mostly based on reviews. If the product that you offer to your audience is of a high quality, don’t worry about negative reviews. Good reviews will excel them.

Boost website download speed

To improve your conversion rate your website should fast, otherwise after 5 seconds of loading they more likely leave it. You should keep in mind that mobile and tablet version is slower than desktop version  Excessive features implemented to an individual page can affect negatively on the speed of the site as well.

You can check your website’s speed here:

Cut the number of fill-in forms on your site to a minimum

If you want to gain more information about your customers to correctly direct their search on the site, fill-in forms can be a fitty idea. The problem is that users are lazy and filling big forms can make them bounce from the site.

Keep 3 fields and that will be enough to understand and work with your audience. The more boxes you add, the more there is the likelihood that users will leave it empty.

Use informative headlines and titles

As bouncing is harmful to your website and your business, you should attract users and make them stay by the correct use of headlines. Good headlines are brief explainer texts that present benefits of your product or services. They help users determine if they come to the right place. So be precise and laconic.

Organize your website

Each service you provide should have its own unique landing page which will have a strong impact on search engine optimization and user experience of the site if it is done properly. The structure of each page should be logically built and information flow should be organized in a from-broad-to-specific way.

Make use of videos

The times when the Internet was slow and watching videos online was an impossible mission has gone. Now we can watch videos almost everywhere around the globe without frustration. If you want to take a more advanced approach to send your message to your audience, that can be a good tool to make it.

Test, test, and test again. Be a professional!

Every change applied to your site must be tested whether it be uploading new photos or integration of new payment portal. Visit your website via a smartphone or someone else’s laptop and test it, This method will help check whether your site is responsive, detect errors and see what changes you should make in order not to lose your potential customers.

Show your partners and add testimonials

It is like in our everyday life if one of your friends you trust tells you that Direct Line Development provides professional web design services, you will likely take it as good advice and will consider this web studio as a potential one to hire. So why not to use these tactics on your website? The more your partner’s brand is recognizable, the more trust and profit your business will gain.

Use different colors for the “call-to-action” button on each new page

It is impossible to draw user’s attention with the same feature for a long time. Your main goal here is to keep your potential customers from becoming familiar with the call-to-action button, otherwise, after browsing it for a period, it will merge with the background and lose its primary function.

Make users register after they purchased or offered a service

Whether you offer products or services, make your customer purchase first as your business goal is to sale. Instead of making your audience bounce by filling out registration forms, give them what they want first. Then it will be easier to offer to them membership opportunities.

Be laconic

All businesses love bragging about their top-notch products and services and sometimes it leads to an unnecessary amount of information on your website. Let’s be honest, no one would have time to read 1000 word text on its homepage  If you posted such text on your homepage, well, just slim it down to 200-300 words. Don’t write in large font. Keep it simple.

Make your website responsive

Many companies that chose our web design services received contemporary responsive websites and obtain great results. So if your website doesn’t correspond this requirement you likely lose more than 50% of your potential customers and get the lower rank in search results. That’s due to the fact that mobile traffic has dropped behind desktop one and Google requirements of April 2015 for websites.

Communicate with your customers and answer their questions

Use pop-up chats in order to give more personal touch to your customers’ internet experience. By providing pop-up chats you will allow older people who are not so good with browsing as younger generation to ask directly where to find what they are looking for.

Employ remarketing

Remarketing is a cheap way to increase your conversion rate today! It works simply. Your potential customer visits your site in search of a specific product or service that your firm offers, But he or she decides to postpone buying it and think over a little while. After that, you can display ads to this person while they browse the internet. That may seem aggressive but you will see positive changes when implementing targeted remarketing.

Get rid of external links

When users click an external link they leave your site and you simply can’t control whether they come back or not. Your links on the website should refer to your partners’ websites or its own pages. If you don’t want to lose your potential buyers, remove all external links from your website.

Identify and correct weaknesses of your site using Google analytics

Google Analytics is a helpful tool that gives you all needed statistics. By using it, you can learn which mobile devices, browsers, countries, cities, etc., have high bounce rates and test your site accordingly. It helps track the problem with your website displaying on different browsers so you could ask your developers to fix this specific problem, not making them find it instead.

Arrange your texts using subheadings

Subheadings in your text will look more engaging than an endless flow of the unstructured text. By subheadings, visitors can understand if it worth their time to read it. And a text organized into semantic blocks just looks better.

Place your contact information correctly

Your company’s information like address and contact information should be in a place where one can see it regularly. No matter how good your website is, how it is easy to navigate it if they decided to buy from you and don’t know how to do this, it will be a fiasco.

Don’t use long information forms

Information forms are a vital part of your business website in order to know who your customers are. But you should face the fact that people know the value of their time and if the form will seem long and time-consuming they likely leave it blank. Another useful tip is to replace these forms with “Sign with Facebook” because linking profiles from different accounts seems more time-saving.

Personalize your website for its visitors

Adapt your site’s appearance to different occasions and you will see its advantage. Decorate it like a Christmas tree on Christmas. There are so many holidays: the 4th of July, Hanukkah, etc. To bring this to life, you will need web design services from a professional web studio like Direct Line Development.

The bottom line

These tips and trick will surely work for every website. So when you know everything about how to improve your website, feel free to apply this changes to your site. If you don’t feel like you can’t handle it on your own and decided to seek for a professional team that will help you get a customly-designed website which is up to scratch, please contact us. Our web design services will boost your conversion rate and you start making money.