What is React? React, otherwise known as React.js, is a JavaScript library that is used by front end developers to build user interfaces. It was first developed and used by Facebook in 2001. Lately, ReactJS has gained popularity due to its ability to build large applications that have data changes regularly over time. In fact, many big companies such as PayPal, Apple and Netflix, and other companies are using React to build their user interfaces meaning that it for sure is the real deal and here’s how;

1. It is easy to learn and use

Anything that is easy to use is a tick for most people and React got that right! For one, it is easy to learn and secondly easy to use. It has a simple library, and there are many tutorials and documents available that explain in depth on how to use this tool. The moment you get familiar with how it works, then you are good to go; you can now start creating your app without much struggle. The good thing is that you can always get back to the guidelines that are easily accessible in case you face any challenge while creating your app. Furthermore, you can also outsource front end developers who use React to build your app, visit https://tsh.io/services/web-development/react/ to see some of the best developers who will get the work done for you.

2. Allows the reuse of components

With the ReactJs tool, every component controls its rendering and has its own internal logic, which means that you can reuse them when need be. The ability to reuse these components means that whenever you need an upgrade, you do not have to start all the way from scratch. This, in turn, means that you will have saved so much on time as well as costs as you can reuse some of the components that were developed earlier that share the same functionality. So much so, since there is less coding involved, it means that the errors will as well be fewer.

3. It is SEO friendly

Compared to other JavaScript frameworks where some were not SEO friendly, React wins when it comes to SEO friendliness. So much so, React can run on the server, which in turn renders and returns the virtual DOM to the browser like a standard webpage. React offers improved user interface, higher speeds, higher performance, and has better search engine optimization.

4. Enhanced user interfaces

Let’s face it, chances of a customer staying on your page when it loads slowly are quite minimal. What does that tell you? Well, it means that you need to ensure that you focus a lot on the user interface as you are creating your app. To help build a rich user interface, go for Reactjs. A responsive user interface means that the app will run smoothly, and the load time of the app will also increase.

5. Improved efficiency

The improved high performance of React is attributed to the fact that it has a virtual DOM. In case any changes are needed, React makes its calculations which are done in the virtual DOM, the updates are made, and the changes are applied faster and easily.