The number of people that use mobile devices in order to browse the internet is constantly growing. In fact, we are already at the point at which there is more mobile traffic registered on websites than regular desktop PC traffic. This is why responsive website design is paramount for every single modern site. aaaIt practically guarantees that web content will read in an appropriate way, no matter what designed is used to access the page. Everyone from plumbing services in Frankston to large corporations has responsive websites.

While the popularity and advantages of using responsive website design are obvious, it does not mean that it is easy to create the perfect design that is both effective and looks great.

Because of the fact that it is challenging when you first start working on responsive websites, here are some tips that will make sure you end up with really good responsive design.

Mobile Users First

When this is the first responsive website that you design, the best thing you can do is focus on the mobile device user first. Only after that you should focus on desktop screens. The tip is really good because of the fact that mobile devices are quickly gaining more and more relevance. Since people now rely on these gadgets for numerous daily tasks, interaction needs to be perfect for them. Focus on the smartphone design and then start thinking about the large screen.

Media Query Familiarity

You have to become as familiar as possible with the use of media queries. They are what make content respond to various device conditions. Queries check various things like orientation, height, width and resolution. Then, they make sure that the appropriate CSS rules will be applied. Whenever thinking about responsive website design, you need to focus on the queries. They are the true force that is behind such designs. You simply cannot get the results you want if the media queries are not correct.

Improve Page Load Speed

Responsive website designs do have the main issue that they are loading slower than the other options available. You cannot afford to have a slow loading website because you end up losing so many potential visitors. The smartphone users always expect high loading speed and quickly close those sites that do not load as quickly as they should. If images are not properly optimized, loading speed quickly goes down. Scaling down images in an effective, automatic way is always necessary.

Web Text Modifications

A really important thing with responsive website design is making sure all web text is actually readable on the smaller screens. This is the only way to have a website that is truly responsive. If text ends up too small, people cannot read it. Always choose a large text size that gives the opportunity of having a comfortable reading experience, even if the screen is smaller. Conversion tools can easily be utilized for headlines.

Choose Appropriate Button Sizes

Buttons should never be small as tapping becomes incredibly difficult. The minimum size you need to have for site buttons is 44 x 44 pixels. This offers at least a comfortable experience but if you can make it larger, it is good. Also, be sure you do not forget about padding.