Your logo has only 50 milliseconds before consumers form an opinion about your website. It seems a little unfair.

You could have a beautifully designed website with a smooth user experience, excellent products, and world-class customer service. But it matters little if your logo fails to convince viewers to take the next step. And unless you’re paying a designer to create your logo, it’s your job to convince them.

Here’s your problem.

You can’t use any old shapes, colors, or fonts. You have to use ones proven to resonate with your target audience and work for your market niche.

You find those in two ways:

Experience or following 6 steps in creating a logo design. Which we happen to have!

Let’s find out how to brainstorm the perfect logo design for your business.

1. Learn and Follow the Brainstorm Rules

There are rules for everything; brainstorming is no different. It’s much like outlining an article, writing a business plan, or creating a tagline for your business. If you follow the rules, you’ll get to where you need to go.

Rule#1 Let yourself go:

Now’s the time to be bold. Don’t censor your thoughts or second guess yourself. Brainstorming is all about getting what’s in your head out into the world.

Rule #2 Make a note of every idea:

But that’s of no use unless you write them down. When writing down your thoughts, don’t hesitate or erase; find your flow and write as fast as your hands allow. That includes bad ideas; at this early stage it’s all about creating a comprehensive list of all your ideas.

Rule #3 Timing is everything:

There’s no point in brainstorming when you’re not in your creative zone; these come at different times of the day for people. If you shine in the morning, then use your energy for brainstorming your list. If you’re a night owl, get it down while the world`s sleeping.

Rule #4 Wait 24 hours:

The 24-hour rule is used widely in the creative business because it enables you to take a fresh look at what you’ve got. And that’s when you spot what’s hot and what’s not.

2. Know What You Want from Your Branding

Your logo is the first visual most folks will have of your brand. Its job is to represent your business, convey what you’re about, and connect with viewers on numerous emotional levels.

But your logo also has to tell your story, mission, and goals to create the trust required to convince viewers you’re the brand they need.

If you’re unsure of yours, these following tips will help you find them:

Write down adjectives that accurately describe your brand:

Is your brand serious, sophisticated, and professional? Or friendly, fun, and approachable? Are you energetic and vibrant, or relaxed and calm? Start with 20-25 adjectives that you think describe your brand, then narrow it down to a top-five that do.

Next, write a list of words that describe how you want people to perceive your brand:

This step is critically important because it’s how you’ll be viewed in your niche. So, how do you want people to perceive you? As a leading authority in your niche? Innovative and leading the way? Or as an established, trustworthy, and reliable brand?

Finally, make a list that describes how you want consumers to feel when they first see your logo:

Feelings are important as they connect to our emotions. And branding, especially logos are all about engaging with those emotions to build familiarity and trust by using design elements such as color, fonts, and shapes. So, how do you want people to feel? Excited, relaxed, energized, or inspired?

Don’t move to the next step until you’ve nailed your emotions.

3. Use Your Competition For logo Design Concept Ideas

Why do the work if your competitors have already done it for you?

Many of the successful brands in your niche hired designers to create their logos. These designers used techniques and strategies proven to work for your target audience and marketplace. Use their experience and expertise to find design elements that could work for your brand.

What colors, fonts, shapes, and logotypes do you see?

Make notes of what’s working for your competitors and think about how they could suit your brand and logo. It’s not legal to copy directly; that’s not what this is about; you’re looking for brainstorm ideas, no more.

4. Check Out Logo Inspiration Websites

If you need to look outside your head to find inspiration, logo design websites are excellent for discovering new and alternative perspectives.

But before you start, ensure you’ve formed a clear vision of what you want, and put it down on paper. Use your brainstorming list, copy the competitor’s logos you liked, and include any images or designs that are relative to your market and audience.

It’s because there are thousands of creative logo ideas on these websites, and you can quickly find yourself more confused than before you began. But if you know what you’re looking for, you can skim and discover what you need with relative ease.

5. Look for Good Logo Design Examples on Pinterest

OK, by now, you might have an idea of colors, shapes, and fonts you’d like to use for your logo. Now you can use Pinterest to bring it all together.

You do it by creating a board (it’s a platform for your ideas) by clicking the red + sign on the top right, then giving it a label (for example, your brand name or my logo).

  • Start by using the visual ideas you’ve found and include some adjectives that describe your brand and how you want folks to feel about it.
  • Next, type in a search term or image you believe reflects your business and start searching.
  • Narrow your search by clicking on the tab options relevant to your search term.
  • Pin the illustrations you like on your Pinterest board.

You can use this method to find colors (type in a color or a color palette), fonts (type in one of your adjectives). And you can search for moods (type in a mood relevant to your brand and your chosen niche).

You can’t digitally design your logo on Pinterest, but it’s an excellent platform for finding authentic images that reflect your brand.

Once you’ve got your logo idea outline, it’s time to take your logo digital:

6. Use A Logo Maker

Online logo-making tools are invaluable to you when trying to brainstorm the perfect logo design for your business because they know what works. And provide free digital samples so you can see your logo on the screen and merchandise, such as bags, business cards, and T-shirts.

All you do is type in your design preferences, such as color, shape, fonts, logotype, and market niche. The tools’ AI software then goes to work, providing you with a range of creative logo ideas and samples that you can play around with, narrowing down the designs by choosing options that suit your logo vision.

The revisions are limitless, and you only pay when you have one you love.