It is very common for the first time a potential customer interacts with a brand it is via their business website. Your business website is not only vitally important for making the right first impression on a potential customer but also for expressing your brand identity and helping you to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

If you are looking to improve your website design, this guide is here to help you learn all of the top tips today. 

1. Keep Your Homepage Clean 

Studies have found that it takes the average internet user less than one second to make a first impression of a website. This means that your website’s homepage should be able to communicate the core of who you are as a brand almost instantly. Keeping your homepage clean and minimal is essential for ensuring it is easy to navigate and can instantly communicate your brand image to form the right first impression. 

When you are designing your homepage, it is important that you are able to create a clear visual hierarchy to ensure the most important information is digested first. You should also add imagery to quickly communicate your brand identity to the user. Including clear calls to action can also be essential for setting the visitor on the right path down your website’s conversion funnel. 

2. Optimize For Devices 

Whether you are looking to hire Laravel developers or work with an in-house team, it is important that you prioritize optimizing for different devices. No matter how well your website functions on computers, if you have not optimized your design for mobiles, then you will be limiting your potential. Using responsive website design can be a critical step as this ensures that your business website can respond to the screen size of the user. This means that you will be able to ensure the highest quality experience no matter the device the visitor is using.

3. Maintain Brand Consistency 

Brand consistency is essential for ensuring your brand is easily recognizable and memorable. Brand consistency also helps you to build your brand identity as you create a more rounded and authentic image. When you are building your business website, you must have spent time outlining your brand guidelines to ensure you can maintain a clear and consistent brand image throughout your site.

Your brand guidelines should be as detailed as possible and cover every visual aspect of your brand, from what color schemes designers should use to what typefaces you will use on your business website. It is also useful to outline what the tone of your written copy will be to ensure consistency throughout your website. 

4. Consult Your Data 

When you are looking to improve the design of your business website, it is useful to spend some time consulting the data you have available. You should consult website data to gain a greater idea of the journey that visitors take through your business website. It is particularly useful to focus on when visitors leave your website before making a purchase to better understand what causes a potential customer to click off your site.