In the past year or so, as the world around us has changed so much, many businesses have chosen to rebrand themselves to meet this changing world. However, rebranding isn’t something you should undertake on a whim. Rather, rebranding and changing things up should be done with a lot of forethought and planning in place, especially when it comes to something as recognizable as your logo.

To help your business with this, here are three tips for rebranding by changing your business logo. 

Know How Much Redesigning You Actually Want To Do

Even the smallest changes to your logo are going to be noticed by others. So before you start making tweaks, you first need to figure out how much redesigning you actually want to do with your logo.

For many businesses, making just small changes is enough to put them in the brand position that they want. However, some businesses or organizations want something more dramatic. 

To make this decision, think about if you can just refresh what you’re already working with or if you want people to see you in a whole new light. Depending on your reasoning for wanting to change your logo and rebrand, your decision about how big of a change to make will vary. Just make sure you’re making this choice based on reason and solid information, not just what you want to do. You can read about logo rebranding works of professional branding firms to get some ideas.

Don’t Be Sneaky About it

When making a change to something recognizable about your brand, like your logo, you don’t want to do this in a sneaky way. Rather, you should make this a big, exciting thing that you can announce to your customers or clients in a positive light. 

Once you have your plans in place for your new logo and rebrand, make a plan for how you’ll publicize the new you. You can write up and distribute press releases, share your news on social media, and create content for your own website where you explain what you’re changing and why you’re making these changes. 

Keep Your Redesign On Brand

While you might be wanting to come up with something pretty different from your previous logo, it’s important that you keep any changes on brand for your business. Especially if you’ve been around for years and years and already have a decent customer base and following, you’re not going to want to make changes that are completely unrecognizable for you. Instead, try to stay on brand with your company mission, values, and even your colors or font so that people can still feel a sense of recognition with you. 

If you’re wanting to bring out a new logo for your business, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this part of your rebrand.