London is the biggest and the capital city of England and the UK. According to the official site of the UK government, at the beginning of 2019, there were 1.1 million private sector businesses in London, making it a city with a larger number of firms in the UK. Since 2010, London has witnessed more than a 52% increase in the number of businesses.

If you are setting up a startup in London, you will need web designers London who can create a well-designed website to stay ahead of your competition in the city. According to a survey, London is one of the cities in the UK that had the highest internet use in 2019. Considering the fact, here are a few top web design tricks that can help kick-start your startup in London.

Use Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been currently popping up in many applications and websites. When the users touch a button, they switch from your standard site to a black version of it. This trend has become so common because of the several benefits it provides. Some of them are:

  • Using a device in Dark Mode helps save battery since the black pixels do not draw any power.
  • A dark site can adjust to the user’s current light conditions, due to which their eyes are minimally strained, and they can browse longer.
  • Improved contrast in the Dark Mode allows even colour blind and visually impaired users to use your site.
  • The extra contrast you create on your site can strengthen your brand, as accent colours pop more prominently and affect your page visits.

White Space and Frames

While Dark Mode is so fantastic, local web designers in Chicago also suggest using white spaces on your web pages. Using white borders within your site gives you tremendous freedom and flexibility. As screens are getting better in quality and screen resolutions are continually increasing, stretched content and negative spaces can frustrate the site visitors. 

Use of white borders can regain structure in your website design so that your content can fit within the available space. One important thing is that white works well with all background colours. It keeps the focus on the message and frames the content effectively.

Responsive Website Design 

One trend that has been in the web design industry of London is to create a website that can adjust as per the user’s device, input, and environment. Doing this not only adds fun to the user’s experience but also improves their accessibility and usability. Make use of speech recognition and device orientation to give an exciting browsing experience to your users in London. Ambient light sensors sense the amount of light in the room, according to which it can reduce brightness in the dark to reduce eyes strain.

As the majority of London users visit websites from their mobile phones, a responsive website design can create an immersive storytelling experience on the move and improve text legibility in the dark. The font can be changed as per the brightness detected.

Big Headlines with Bold Fonts

Big headlines and bold fonts have started appearing on websites over the last few years: the reasons being attractive look and effective message delivery. Experts in London recommend using bold letters for your striking messages and calls to action. 

Users read headlines first, due to which they have the power to make impressions. Using the right title fonts ensures readability of the information displayed. Strong typography can give a contemporary look to your website. They also provide you with flexibility in typographical elements and reduce current font constraints.

According to statistics 672,890 firms started up in the UK in the 2018/2019 tax year. Surprisingly, this translates to 1,843.5 every day and 76.8 every hour. But unfortunately, very few of them manage to survive. 57.6% of firms established in 2013 could not run for more than five years. 

So, if you are in London looking forward to kick-starting your startup, follow these top web design trends to survive and get going. Take the help of web designers in London, who will design your website as per the latest web trends in the city.