With things changing faster than ever, something that is trendy now can become history at any moment. This is especially the case when it comes to things that have to do with digital technology, such as your website, for example. So what is expected from the year 2019 in terms of website design? Whether you are a seasoned website owner or just someone who’s looking for an easy website builder to establish an online presence in the near future, here are some top trends you’ll want to be aware of.

Enhanced Speed

The proliferation of the mobile has encouraged users always to demand more. What this means is that in 2019 website owners will focus on delivering the most satisfying user experience. Gone are the days of slow websites that take forever to load. If your visitors get frustrated over the loading speed of your site within the first three seconds after arriving at it, consider you will ever see them again.

Apart from the fact that people used to be quite impatient in general, the world has really become the place where every minute matters. We don’t have time to stick around waiting for something we can get elsewhere. The truth is, if users believe their time is not being spent wisely, they will leave for another website almost immediately. This is why website loading speed will remain one of web design priorities in 2019. 

Minimalist Design

One thing that website visitors can’t stand doing is spending time trying to figure out how to get what they came for. People become frustrated when they arrive at a page overloaded with content or cluttering design elements. On the other hand, when a page is clear and tidy, users don’t feel overwhelmed. A minimalist design ensures that people quickly get the content they are looking for.

With regards to minimalist design, in 2019, you are likely to see better use of animations, improved contrast, and more of white space. Web pages will have enough content without making it too much.

Greater User Interactivity

No one likes to visit a website that would bore you to death. Humans are inherently curious and tend to be attracted to things that require a certain level of involvement. This is why, in 2019, web designers will need to work hard on introducing lots of interactive elements in their websites.

Interactivity should be nothing complicated. But it has to generate engagement through performing certain actions on a site and be rewarding. With this kind of interactivity, visitors to your site will be more likely to stick around and learn more about you.

More Video Content

Days of writing walls and walls of text will definitely be left in the past. While the text will remain an inherent part of any website, designers will incorporate more video content in the future. While the video is nothing new, the reality is that most websites use it as a secondary medium. In 2019, however, the video is likely to become as important as text and images in website design. Apart from making your web pages more diverse, video caters to the ever-growing audience preferring visual content over text.

Mobile First

In the past, making mobile-responsive websites was more of an afterthought. Designers focused on the desktop in the first place. But you can expect this to change in 2019 as more web designers start to realize that more people grab their mobile devices when they want to surf the internet. The “mobile first” approach means designing a site specifically for mobile devices and then adapting it to the desktop.