One of the traits that set successful brands from the rest is being up to date with the latest trends. They are aware that getting professional services at Bigfoot Media is a must if they want a site that can attract and convert. It’s risky to leave things to chances as Google keeps updating its algorithms. Every brand should focus on delivering an amazing user experience all the time. The following trends are set to revolutionize the web design sphere come 2019.

Mobile first

Ensure that you prioritize mobile users when designing and developing your site. This is a must if you want to rank well in searches and boost visibility. Major search engines attach more importance to mobile sites than the desktop versions. Customers want the same experience across different channels and devices. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Some of the ways to make your site mobile friendly include providing clean navigation and simple contact forms. You can use digital tools to reduce data size without reducing the quality.

Video background

It’s no gainsaying that videos never fail to offer an immersive experience compared to images and text. They have the power to grab attention instantly. Webmasters are set to integrate videos in a way that won’t affect a site load speed. Using video in your background can help you to improve your conversion rate and distill a complex message within a few seconds. High quality, short and mute videos work best. Consider using animations in different forms that include micro-interactions and motion graphics.


Chatbots have become mainstream on social media, e-commerce stores and other areas of the digital marketing landscape. AI is playing a major role in their development. Customers interact with them on a regular basis. These tools learn customers behavior over time using big data so as to provide relevant suggestions and make accurate predictions.

Minimalist designs

It’s possible to use a minimalist design and still end up with a good looking website. Online visitors usually abandon sites that load more than three seconds. Such sites can lose quality leads and sales as time goes on. It’s better to use white spaces and clean typography to rid your site of clutter. You are bound to create a lasting impression if you stick to this approach.

Geometric shapes

Different shapes are gaining popularity lately in web design and are set to become the norm in 2019. They can come in handy to keep users glued to a particular section on your site. It goes without saying that this practice has been around since 2016. Geometric and natural shapes are easy to incorporate into sites. They can work better instead of too many images and make your web pages to load faster. Try to understand what each shape depicts before using them. The same thing applies when using bright colors.

As you adopt any of these trends, make sure that they resonate with your brand voice. Be open to changes and come up with various ways to boost engagement with your target audience.