When you are thinking about starting your e-commerce store, you are going to want to consider which features you will need in order for it to run properly. The types of features you need will depend on what you are selling, who your customers are, and whether you need to use certain types of technology in order to make your business run. However, there are a few things that you should absolutely have for your e-commerce store.

1. A solid homepage

A quality homepage is mostly likely the first thing that your customers will see when they land on your website. You want to make sure that it runs fast and that you have put some thought into its design. This includes branding and how users move through your site, as well as which products you choose to display. When you want to make a good first impression, making sure that your homepage is well-designed and simple can make a huge difference when you want to have customers stay on your site.

2. Comprehensive product pages

Your product pages should have a clear idea of what your customers are looking for and how you can help them make a purchase. This includes asking them what information they need in order to choose your product, such as size, price, color, and more. This should all be available on your product page, and they should be able to make changes without leaving the page in order to do so. You really want to sell your product, and here is the place to show your customers how your product can change their lives.

3. Easy checkout

The checkout process should be super simple for your customers, and you might want to consider doing some testing when it comes to certain features like credit card payments and more. The best way to do this is through headless commerce, which allows you to separate the frontend and backend of your website so you can make changes without affecting your code. This can be especially useful if you have launched your site and you are wondering why your customers are dropping off before they make their final purchase. The easier the checkout, the more likely you are going to get that final sale.

4. Confirmation

Once your customers have confirmed their purchases, then you are going to want to offer them visual proof that they will receive their items. This might be through a confirmation page that gives them their order number, or it could be through an email. Ideally, you will want to offer both a solution so they are fully aware their order went through and you are less likely to hear from them in regards to customer support.

In summary

Making sure these features are available for your e-commerce store can make it stand out from the competition. By implementing these features, you are one step ahead when it comes to your customers’ needs.