The pandemic has caused people to change their shopping patterns and follow the new trend of staying at home. That has accelerated eCommerce market growth.

As a retailer, what you want is filling your online store with new orders and that needs the right eCommerce strategy. This pandemic has given online retailers the ability to buzz around and through automation expand their customer base. Switching and automating the eCommerce market is the right time to. Review to see why.

eCommerce automation Benefits:

Switching to an eCommerce automation system provides several benefits

Enhanced efficiency and productivity

Automated eCommerce systems free up the time which if performed manually would be impossible. The manual process has complex , challenging, and time-consuming tasks that make handling several processes at a time difficult.

Manual error elimination:

It’s natural that manual labour is susceptible to human mistakes. They can cause significant harm to your company and its image if not detected and rectified in a timely manner. Automation helps you recover from this tension.

Optimizing goals:

An automation software helps you achieve your goals such as higher lead generation, more interactions, a higher CTR, lower bounce rate , lower customer acquisition costs, and so on.

Highly adaptable to any strategy:

Looking to showcase some fun Halloween givingaways and gifts? Want to see some of the discounted products? Your automation software helps you to tweak your product pages to speed up the processes of deployment, innovation and analysis.

Handling complex business processes:

Now it’s not difficult to manage complicated business processes. Thanks to the tools for automating eCommerce! This not only improves client experience but also enhances company operations. eCommerce automation helps with :

Fulfillment through Multi-location – Complete it from the cheapest or nearest place

Dropship – Expand product range by direct integration with the suppliers

Returns process automation – Seamless and easy customer returns

Inventory display – Customers can shop by the inventory available and help to avoid over-sales

How to automate an eCommerce website?

Automating the websites built in Magento can save a great deal of time. See how to automate an eCommerce website.

Step 1: Analyze and classify all of the activities that require automation. The tasks may be to submit emails from abandonment cart, inventory control , customer support and so on.

Step 2: Classify the eCommerce automation checklist according to the task automation challenge.

Step 3: Start with the categories you listed in the above phase and check out existing solutions that will function in that specific category for the entire list. If you find any job that is overwhelming or complicated or even easier than you thought, just re-categorize them and move on.

Step 4: You can now build solutions for the custom automation. That may require some knowledge in programming. For the same you may also consult a leading Magento website development company.

Step 5: Now you can expand further or build new companies.

Top 5 eCommerce automation tools to look for

Your online shopping process starts when your customers are online to search for a product. Your marketing capacity decides whether your customer is going to buy or not. With eCommerce automation, you can automate much of the marketing pieces with greater productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Here are some of the top 5 eCommerce automation tools :

Contalog: With Contalog the management of inventory and orders is simple. It helps track stock levels and communicate with your sales channels to keep you updated about the inventory you ‘re showing.

InfusionSoft: An all-in-one automation tool for eCommerce marketing, used to access some 200 applications and platforms.

OptinMonster: Improve conversions with this tool by scrolling boxes and exit-intent popups, by creating more subscribers and conversions for your company.

MailChimp: Manage your campaigns by email via Mailchimp.

ZenDesk: Using this famous CRM tool combine various functions including powerful customer support and interaction features for your online store.

The top 5 eCommerce marketing automation platform 

Support your marketing needs with these top 5 tool for automating eCommerce marketing.

ConvertedIn: This platform enables the automation of the whole ad creation process and lets you manage the massive data flow and marketing strategies for your customers.

Omnisend: This marketing tool helps you keep clients and increase the amount of sales on your online store.

Klaviyo: A growth marketing tool, Klaviyo, allows companies with hands-on customer data to create a customised email marketing on scale.

CandyBar: With this automation platform building digital loyalty services effortlessly for the customers.

HubSpot: With HubSpot CRM communicate with your customers and easily scale your online business.

How can automation assist in eCommerce businesses?

Product sorting: Automation can help with product sorting to overcome the difficulty you face as an online merchant. By making them conversion-optimized it helps in sorting the items. Product sorting is done using tags and data, such as trending score, colour, price, type of product, etc.

Positioning products: Imagine that you want your products to be placed as per your campaigns. This is something Technology can do in minutes! But if you’re searching for the product to be put in various promotions, automation is the salvation.

Promoting product sequencing discoverability: You can automate product sequencing with data intelligence to highlight product variety that would attract clients from different segments. This favours product exploration. 

Marginal promotion or demotion of products: Categorize the high-margin and low-margin goods. Promote the high-margin goods and demote the lower ones which have no profitability contribution. This problem is overcome by Automation and guess what! You do not need a separate programme for the marketing automation!

Global Sort Options (GSO): In Bulk, apply your eCommerce marketing plan immediately to a wide range of pages and widgets.

In a nutshell

If you want to stand out and fuel your eCommerce company in the digital clutter then eCommerce automation is your ticket to success. Online retailers who want to take full advantage of this pandemic and are focused on the future already have their eCommerce stores automated. The main ingredient for improving your online store is automation by unleashing the strength of human + machine intelligence. By speeding up several procedures, Automation will improve the online shopping experience and help you keep your promises to your clientele.