Chinese characters are logograms used in the writing of Chinese and Japanese, less frequently Korean, formerly Vietnamese, or other languages. Today, a new compilation is brought to you as an added bonus to font-lovers out there. This fonts are styled from one of the most amazing culture in the world.

A few days ago, I have published jQuery Photo Gallery and Slider Plugins. I hope that you will like this articles and today I promise to you that you will also like these free fonts collection. If you like these fonts then I will expect you to share your comments with us.

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1. Seven Monkey Fury BB

Seven Monkey Fury BB

2. Deng Thick

Deng Thick

3. Ginko Font

Ginko Font

4. Tsa Font

Tsa Font

5. Chinyen


6. Yama Moto

Yama Moto

7. Chang Chang

Chang Chang

8. Made in China

Made in China

9. Osaka Sans Font

Osaka Sans Font

10. Love Chinese

Love Chinese

11. Electro Font

Electro Font

12. Sheru Pro Font

Sheru Pro Font

13. Wonton Font

Wonton Font

14. Gang of Three

Gang of Three

15. Cute Line

Cute Line

16. Karate Font

Karate Font

17. Chow Fun

Chow Fun

18. Shai Font

Shai Font

19. Light Morning Font

Light Morning Font

20. Ninja Line Font

Ninja Line Font

21. Nuku Nuku

Nuku Nuku

22. Manglo Font

Manglo Font

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