Bokeh is the term used to explain the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur in photography, and is usually seen in good quality macro shots, in the areas that lay outside the depth of field. Bokeh Effect is currently making its way to web designing today.

In this collection, we have gather 25 best and impressive bokeh textures for your inspiration. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us know which one is your favorite. Please read the license agreements carefully before using. The license can change from time to time.

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1. Hearts Bokeh Free Texture

hearts bokeh Free Texture

2. Bokeh – the sound of lights

Bokeh - the sound of lights

3. Texture


4. Bokeh Effect

Bokeh Effect

5. Raindrops Bokeh Texture

Raindrops Bokeh Texture

6. CherryBlossomSunlight


7. Bokeh texture III

Bokeh texture III

8. use of color

use of color

9. Bokeh texture by ohparapraxia

Bokeh texture by ohparapraxia

10. Bokeh by ISOStock

Bokeh by ISOStock

11. Texture – Small Dull Bokeh

texture - Small Dull Bokeh

12. Millions of rainbow sparkles

Millions of rainbow sparkles

13. Pool Bokeh Texture

Pool Bokeh Texture

14. Bokeh Stock Texture

Bokeh Stock Texture

15. Texture – Large Orange Bokeh

texture - Large Orange Bokeh

16. Bokeh Super Pack

Bokeh Super Pack

17. Bokeh Love by sodapop-euphoria

Bokeh Love by sodapop-euphoria

18. Party Colors Bokeh

Party Colors Bokeh

19. Assorted Bokeh

Assorted Bokeh

20. Fairytale Bokeh Overlay

Fairytale Bokeh Overlay

21. Heart Pink Texture Bokeh

Heart Pink Texture Bokeh

22. Blood Red Bokeh

Blood Red Bokeh

23. Trippy Purple Bokeh

Trippy Purple Bokeh

24. Pretty Pretty Bokeh

Pretty Pretty Bokeh

25. Bokeh Hearts Texture

Bokeh Hearts Texture

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