The textures of some objects can be particularly challenging due to movement, fine detail or their ethereal quality. Carpets of different textures, shapes and sizes have been overlooked by many graphic and interior designers especially when they are creating a realistic model or design of an office or interior.

In today’s post, we have mind blowing collection of Carpet Textures which can be downloaded for free. We hope you will enjoyed this wonderful showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us. Enjoy!

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1. Tan Carpet Fabric Texture

Tan Carpet Fabric Texture

2. District Conference

District Conference

3. Seamless Carpet Texture

Seamless Carpet Texture

4. Carpet Texture

Carpet Texture

5. Carpet Texture by Livingtheliminal

Carpet Texture by Livingtheliminal

6. Carpet Texture by EZAT

Carpet Texture by EZAT

7. Untitled


8. Red Carpet

Red Carpet

9. Carpet


10. Carpet Texture by Newdoll-stock

Carpet Texture by Newdoll-stock

11. Old Carpet

Old Carpet

12. My Carpet

My Carpet

13. Carpet Texture by Kikariz-Stock

Carpet Texture by Kikariz-Stock

14. Texture: Brown/Yellow Carpet

Texture Brown Yellow Carpet

15. Texture Carpet

Texture Carpet

16. Carpet by NoRulesStock

Carpet by NoRulesStock

17. Terminal Carpet

Terminal Carpet

18. Carpet Texture by SmootHope

Carpet Texture by SmootHope

19. Carpet Purple

Carpet Purple

20. Lime Green Shag Rug Texture

Lime Green Shag Rug Texture

21. Carpet Texture by Hikarixxkh

Carpet Texture by Hikarixxkh

22. Carpet Fibers

Carpet Fibers

23. Blue Carpet

Blue Carpet

24. Furry Carpet No.1

Furry carpet No.1

25. Modern Carpet Texture

Modern Carpet Texture

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