iPad is yet another stunning gadget which are powerful product of Apple, iPad allows users to browse internet, watch video, listening music, reading books etc. with a touch. Some of you have purchased already purchased and to make your iPad customized, I am sure you were looking for some beautiful wallpaper for your brand new iPad.

The iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple for Internet browsing, media consumption, gaming, and light content creation. Released in April 2010, it established a new class of devices between smart-phones and laptops.

This post contains the stunning set of wallpapers created by several designers and photographers in the web for the iPad. “30 Breathtaking Free iPad Wallpapers” are compiled below for those who are aiming to customize wallpapers for the gadget once they have it.

1. iPad Wallpaper Wooden Style

iPad Wallpaper Wooden Style

2. Opps! Wallpaper

Opps! Wallpaper

3. Don’t Panic iPad Wallpaper

Don't Panic iPad Wallpaper

4. Cool Black

Cool Black

5. Glass Apple

Glass Apple

6. iPad Wallpaper 2

iPad Wallpaper 2

7. Bright Bright Great iPad Wallpapers

Bright Bright Great iPad Wallpapers

8. Into The Blue

Into The Blue

9. NIN: “The Downward Spiral” iPad Wallpaper

NIN: "The Downward Spiral" iPad Wallpaper

10. iPad wallpaper for iPhone

iPad wallpaper for iPhone

11. Dawn Tree

Dawn Tree

12. Rob Sheridan iPad Wallpaper 10

Rob Sheridan iPad Wallpaper 10

13. Apple Earth iPad Wallpaper

Apple Earth iPad Wallpaper

14. Apple Grey iPad Wallpaper

Apple Grey iPad Wallpaper

15. Ucla Flowers for iPad

Ucla Flowers for iPad

16. Frozen Bridge – iPad Wallpaper

Frozen Bridge – iPad Wallpaper

17. iPad Wallpaper for iPhone

iPad Wallpaper for iPhone

18. Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer

19. Bubble Bokeh iPad Wallpaper

Bubble Bokeh iPad Wallpaper

20. NIN: “Lights In The Sky” iPad Wallpaper

NIN: "Lights In The Sky" iPad Wallpaper

21. Big Apple Logo

Big Apple Logo

22. Old Village

Old Village

23. Spectrum for iPad

Spectrum for iPad

24. Ace Combat

Ace Combat

25. Apple iPad

Apple iPad

26. Apple logo Wood iPad Wallpaper

Apple logo Wood iPad Wallpaper

27. Over the Horizon

Over the Horizon

28. Farmers Field – iPad Wallpaper

Farmers Field – iPad Wallpaperr

29. Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

30. Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo

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  1. They seem to have wrong dimensions – usually its common to have 1024×1024 as background image for your iPad

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