Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. There are different and several kinds of textures which many designers incorporate into their design projects.

In this post, we present best and free marble textures design for photoshop designers. These marble textures are really good looking and can be used for several purposes like background images and much more. Let us know your favorite texture!

More texture design inspiration:

1. Frozen Blue Abstract Texture

Frozen Blue Abstract Texture

2. Marble Texture

Marble Texture

3. Marble Texture by retrieved-fiend

Marble Texture by retrieved-fiend

4. Azure Blue Marble Texture

Azure Blue Marble Texture

5. Faux Marble Texture

Faux Marble Texture

6. Seamless Marble Cream Texture

Seamless Marble Cream Texture

7. Marble by Nasos

Marble by Nasos

8. Marble-ish


9. Texture 003 Marble by Iceytina

Texture 003 Marble by Iceytina

10. Marble Texture by Shaire Productions

Marble Texture by Shaire Producations

11. Booti Cena Marble Texture

Booti Cena Marble Texture

12. Stock: Black Marble Texture

Stock: Black Marble Texture

13. Natural Marble Texture

Natural Marble Texture

14. Marble 1 by Patterns-stock

Marble 1 by Patterns-stock

15. Texture Marble 1 by sara-bi

Texture Marble 1 by sara-bi

16. Marble Texture by Hitorokiwa

Marble Texture by hitorokiwa

17. Marble Texture by Paintmagic2004

Marble Texture by Paintmagic2004

18. Texture 3 by voilah

Texture 3 by voilah

19. Marble Texture – 1 by SafariSyd

Marble Texture - 1 by SafariSyd

20. Rough Marble by Jules_art

Rough Marble by Jules_art

21. Marble Stone Texture

Marble Stone Texture

22. Orange Light Marble

Orange Light Marble

23. Rose Marble Texture

Rose Marble Texture

24. Marble III by Titelgestalten

Marble III by Titelgestalten

25. Cracked Marble by Dudestock

Cracked Marble by Dudestock

26. BT183 Marble

BT183 Marble

27. Light Marble Tiles Texture

Light Marble Tiles Texture

28. Autumn Colours by Tigergts

Autumn Colours by Tigergts

29. Marble2 by Decoaddict

Marble2 by Decoaddict

30. Marble Texture 001 by Chaos2k

Marble Texture 001

31. Marble Texture by velvetcat-stock

Marble Texture by velvetcat-stock

32. Marble Grey 2 by jaqx-Textures

Marble grey 2 by jaqx-textures

33. Texture Marble by Elli 19

Texture Marble by Elli 19

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