Leaves are very useful in the life of plants since it specializes photosynthesis for the whole plant to be fed. Something very simple yet so essential if we just look through. Leaf texture could be a useful texture for your future web design or graphic artworks specially if the concept is something to do with nature.

Here is a showcase of 33 free leaf textures. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us know which one is your favorite!

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1. Purple Leaf Texture

Purple Leaf Texture

2. Leaf Texture

Leaf Texture

3. Leaves


4. Leaf Texture by Ash.win

Leaf Texture by Ash.win

5. Texture – 9

Texture - 9

6. Leaf Texture by Hopefoote, Ambassador of The Wow

Leaf Texture by Hopefoote. Ambassador of The Wow

7. Leaf Textures by Justin-ps

Leaf Textures by Justin-ps

8. Leaf Textures by Six Revisions

Leaf Textures by Six Revisions

9. Textures of Nature

Textures Of Nature

10. Leaf Textures by Phamp 197x

Leaf Textures by Phamp 197x

11. Radial Green Leaf Texture

Radial Green Leaf Texture

12. Leaf


13. Leaf Texture by Linden.g

Leaf Texture by Linden.g

14. Underside of a Fuzzy Leaf

Underside of a Fuzzy Leaf

15. Leaf Texture by AlexEdg

Leaf Texture by AlexEdg

16. Leaf Cast 3 by Tangobear-resources

Leaf cast 3 by Tangobear-resources

17. Leaf Texture

Leaf Texture

18. Textures Leaves

Textures Leaves

19. Leaves Texture Titter85

Leaves Texture Titter85

20. Leaf Texture Macro2

Leaf Texture Macro2

21. Leaf by Bombstock

Leaf by Bombstock

22. Leaf Texture “Copper Beech”

Leaf Texture Copper Beech

23. Leaf by The-Night-Bird

Leaf by The-Night-Bird

24. Autumn Leaves Texture

Autumn Leaves Texture

25. Metal Leaves

Metal Leaves

26. Nasturtium Leaves Texture

Nasturtium Leaves Texture

27. Textures by TPCreativity

Textures by TPCreativity

28. Palm Leaf Texture

Palm Leaf Texture

29. Leaf Veins

Leaf Veins

30. Leaf Texture by Cdevroe

Leaf Texture by Cdevroe

31. Leaf Texture by Tansj83

Leaf Texture

32. Striped Leaf Texture

Striped Leaf Texture

33. Leafy Landscape

Leafy Landscape

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