Atmospheric gases such as nitrogen and oxygen can dissolve in water. When water is heated, these gases are less soluble in the water. When you boil water, the bubbling is dissolved gases being released.

Today, we have shown you the 35 most attractive and free bubble textures designs for your design inspiration. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the texture. We hope you will enjoyed this wonderful showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us. Enjoy!

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1. Blue Bubbles Texture

Blue Bubbles Texture

2. Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

3. Texture.Cola


4. Spheres 2 by FantasyStock

Spheres 2 by FantasyStock

5. Bubble texture

Bubble texture

6. Bubble Stock 01

Bubble Stock 01

7. Bubble Blossem Texture

Bubble Blossem Texture

8. Boiled Water Bubble Texture 4

Boiled Water Bubble Texture 4

9. Turbo Black Coffee Bubbles

Turbo Black Coffee Bubbles

10. Bubble Texture

Bubble Textures

11. Bubbly Texture

Bubbly Texture

12. Texture by Yndra

Texture by Yndra

13. Seamless Blue Bubbles Texture

Seamless Blue Bubbles Texture

14. Bubbles


15. Bubble by Lift-manipulator

Bubble by Lift-manipulator

16. Bubbles by Sksikkema

bubbles by Sksikkema

17. Bubble2 by discordiA-stock

Bubble2 by discordiA-stock

18. Tinted Bubbles

Tinted Bubbles

19. Bubbles 14 – Texture

Bubbles 14 - Texture

20. Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

21. Bubblicious BG 07

Bubblicious BG 07

22. Bubble 003

Bubble 003

23. Bubblicious BG 10 by Mimustock

Bubblicious BG 10 by Mimustock

24. Foam bubbles

Foam bubbles

25. Blue and Purple Bubbles

Blue and Purple Bubbles

26. Bubbles by Photo Extremist

Bubbles by Photo Extremist

27. Bubblicious BG 03 by Mimustock

Bubblicious BG 03 by Mimustock

28. Bubbles by Photonoumi

Bubbles by Photonoumi

29. BubblesSVP164 by skwonk-stock

BubblesSVP164 by skwonk-stock

30. Bubble 002 by Leo.Craig

Bubble 002 by Leo.Craig

31. Lost Marbles

Lost Marbles

32. Lava Bubbles

Lava Bubbles

33. GlassBubbles_01


34. Bubbles in the hottub

Bubbles in the hottub

35. Bubbles1 by Celebkimbrough

Bubbles1 by Celebkimbrough

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