If you are getting bored with your wallpaper, we’ve got something cool to spice up your desktop. We have compiled some of the beautiful Firefox wallpapers which we have collected from various sources. Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation.

Here is a collection of standard and high resolution Firefox wallpapers. These are more than 30 Firefox wallpapers and free for download. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Each image of the these beautiful wallpapers is linked to the sources for you to download them easily.

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1. Firefox Wallpaper

Firefox Wallpaper

2. Ultimate Firefox Wallpaper

Ultimate Firefox Wallpaper

3. FireFox Wallpaper by Vangrant radio

FireFox Wallpaper by Vangrant radio

4. Firefox on Blue

Firefox on Blue

5. Red Holiday Wallpapers

Red Holiday Wallpapers

6. Mozilla Pins

Mozilla Pins

7. EgFox FireFox

EgFox FireFox

8. The Firefox by djog

The Firefox by djog

9. Happy 5th Bday

Happy 5th Bday

10. If The Firefox Mascot was an Intergalactic sea lion

if the firefox mascot was an intergalactic sea lion

11. Mozilla OpenSource 3

Mozilla OpenSource 3

12. Navy Dark

Navy Dark

13. Mozilla OpenSource

Mozilla OpenSource

14. Firefox2005_wp


15. Fire Fox

Fire Fox

16. Pyro (Single Monitor)

Pyro (Single Monitor)

17. Lotus


18. Firefox by iTome

Firefox by iTome

19. My eyes, my eyes!

My eyes, my eyes!

20. Firefox by Arkett

Firefox by Arkett

21. Sweet Fx

Sweet Fx

22. Abstract Firefox Wallpaper by SteaM10

Abstract Firefox Wallpaper by SteaM10

23. Firefox by SniperJrd

Firefox by SniperJrd

24. Firefox wallpaper by AndersSteenNilsen

Firefox wallpaper by AndersSteenNilsen

25. Chibi FireFox

Chibi FireFox

26. Firefox Magnet

Firefox Magnet

27. Firefox Wallpaper by Envirotechture

Firefox Wallpaper by Envirotechture

28. Strings Dark by Lordcolus

Strings Dark by Lordcolus

29. Tribal Firefox

Tribal Firefox

30. Firefox is Everywhere

Firefox is Everywhere

31. Firefox Revisite

Firefox Revisite

32. Firefox by Flod

Firefox by Flod

33. Firefox by YukaYotu

Firefox by YukaYotu

34. Firefox by Greiker

Firefox by Greiker

35. Firefox by vic-viper

Firefox by vic-viper

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