Some of the best things in life are free. When it comes to icons and icon sets, there are many talented designers and artists that choose to provide beautiful and useful icon sets for commercial and/or personal usage. Icons are the basic requirement of any web related projects and good icons are like a treasure for web designers.

In this collection, you’ll see 50+ beautiful, royalty free icon sets that you can use in a variety of ways. Please feel free to join us and you are always welcome to share your thoughts in comments section.

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2. Mobile Device Icons

Mobile Device Icons

3. Philippe Starck Icons

Philippe Starck Icons

4. From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love

5. Black Neon Agua

Black Neon Agua

6. UMI Icons

UMI Icons

7. Phuzion


8. Cute Critters Free Icon Pack

Cute Critters Free Icon Pack

9. Scrap Icons

Scrap Icons

10. Animals


11. Paper Clip

Paper Clip

12. Lovely website icons

Lovely website icons

13. Hard Drive Replacement Icons

Hard Drive Replacement Icons

14. Office Space

Office Space

15. Social Media Icon Pack

Social Media Icon Pack

16. Free Vector Icons Set + Twitter Birdy Icon

Free Vector Icons Set + Twitter Birdy Icon

17. Milky


18. Fresh Add-on

FRESH Add-on

19. DeskMundo Live Icons

DeskMundo Live Icons

20. Function Social Icons

Function Social Icons

21. Icon Set

Icon Set

22. Web Application Icons Set

Web Application Icons Set

23. De Freu

De Freu

24. Credit Cards

Credit Cards

25. Wifun Icons

Wifun Icons

26. Chalkwork Payments

Chalkwork Payments

27. MinIcons


28. Office Icons

Office Icons

29. WIP: Web Iconset

WIP Web Iconset

30. Hand Pointer Icons

Hand Pointer Icons

31. Bright!


32. Fugue


33. Project Icon Set

Project Icon Set

34. Lullacons


35. Absque


36. Coquette Icons Set 2

Coquette Icons Set 2

37. Sem Labs Web Blog Icon Pack

Sem Labs Web Blog Icon Pack

38. Quartz Icon Pack

Quartz Icon Pack

39. Onebit Free Icon Set 2

Onebit Free Icon Set 2

40. Bwpx.icns


41. Gallery2 IconsFinance


42. 512 Pixel LED Icon Set

512 Pixel LED Icon Set

43. Weby Icon Set

Weby Icon Set

44. Silk Companion 1

Silk Companion 1

45. Flavour Extended

Flavour Extended

46. Ginux


47. WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set

WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set

48. Pixel Mixer Basic Set

pixel-mixer Basic Set

49. Danish Royalty Free

Danish Royalty Free

50. Tango Icon Library

Tango Icon Library

51. Function Icon Set

Function Icon Set

52. Developers Icons

Developers Icons

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